It is always a good idea to visit Sunriver, Oregon. Whether it be summer or winter, there is plenty for you to take advantage of, ensuring a great vacation. Many of these sights and activities will become obvious when you spend a bit of time here, but others lie off the beaten path and are mostly only enjoyed by the locals. Well, the following three Sunriver attractions are a few of the beaten path local favorites that are sure to bring your vacation to the next level.

Sunriver Attractions – See the Stars as Never Before

A favorite activity of the locals here is taking in the nighttime sky, thanks to some of the best stargazing conditions in the country due to the high elevation and low level of light pollution. The best place to do this is at the Oregon Observatory. There is no place better because there are more telescopes available for public use here than anywhere else in the country. Find it at 57245 River Rd.

See the Local Art

Here, you will find art as you will nowhere else in the world. Walking through the downtown area, you will find many opportunities to enter unique galleries, but the local secret is the Artists Gallery at 57100 Beaver Drive. There is no place that better speaks to the heart of the art scene in Sunriver. Enjoy the art from over 30 local artists showcasing skills in metalworking, photography, oil painting, watercolors, and practically any other form you can imagine.

Paulina Plunge

Just a few miles south of Sunriver you will find one of the most unique experiences that you can find anywhere in the Paulina Plunge. This experience takes you through some of the most beautiful backcountry in the state. Each visitor gets their own fat tire mountain bike for this downhill ride, along which way you will encounter up to six waterfalls. This is one of the best Sunriver attractions! You can find the Paulina Plunge headquarters and start your journey at 53750 US-97.

Amazing Vacation Rentals

It is no secret that the landscape here is breathtaking, but you can also find incredible beauty in the real estate throughout town. Many of the most exquisite homes and condos are actually available for your vacation through the efforts of Sunriver Pines Vacation Homes. Here, the goal is to enhance your vacation as much as possible with convenient locations, all the comforts of home, luxurious features, and so much more. Within each of these homes, find beautiful décor, luxurious furniture, fine kitchens, and more. Contact us to find the vacation home of your dreams and to learn more about Sunriver attractions!