Sunriver, Oregon is a small town located just a few miles away from the larger city of Bend. Like its larger neighbor, Sunriver features a more laidback lifestyle as opposed to the metropolitan city of Portland. Fortunately, if you seek to stay at one of our luxurious rentals at Sunriver Pines, each accommodation serves as home base to explore the marvelous landscapes that highlight this part of Central Oregon. Before you arrive however, start by packing your baggage according to season, and as common sense implies, bring only the essential items. Here are a few Oregon travel tips to help you pack light for your Sunriver journey!

#1 Tip – Oregon Seasons

The rainy season in Oregon can sometimes be unpredictable but you can count on the months from November to February as ones with plenty of cloudy days. The summer has occasional inclement weather, but it is quite warm and pleasant, requiring no more than a light jacket at night. The colder winters offer a beautiful blanket of snow; a warm winter coat, pants and boots will keep you cozy! All our guests should always remember that our properties provide a washer and dryer, so there is no need to overpack with extra shoes, clothes, etc.

#2 Pack Light to Return Heavy

Before you start your trip, bring the carry-on bags only, then as you collect trinkets, objects and other souvenirs while on vacation, fill in the extra space in your bag with your newfound treasures, or purchase a second small suitcase to hold the extra additions. This method oftentimes works best on with international travel, especially in shopping-heavy destinations such as London or Paris, but even when traveling domestically, it is often the optimal choice. While Sunriver may not have a version of Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive, there’s still plenty of great items to find in our local shops! Packing light and returning heavy is a method that all travelers should use, since you never know what type of treasures you might find on the road.

#3 Homemade Preparations

At Sunriver Pines, our guests not only have a luxury vacation rental in one of the most pristine locations in Central Oregon, they also have the opportunity to truly enjoy the beauty in this part of the state. In addition to the amazing amenities mentioned above such as the washer/dryer, spacious bedrooms, cozy fireplace, etc., the fully equipped kitchens allow guests to prepare their own meals alongside modern appliances, dishwashers, coffee machines and more. This extra addition also provides cost-effectiveness since dining out at breakfast, lunch and dinner can sometimes take a toll on the wallet. Besides, there is nothing like a home-cooked meal prepared by loved ones, especially when you are in the heart of this verdant paradise. You won’t have to bring any additional food, snacks, or utensils on this vacation; simply visit a local grocer to stock your rental’s fridge for the duration of your stay!

Sunriver is a great destination to visit any time of year, and we hope our packing tips will help you have the best journey possible! Contact us today for more ideas and to book your stay in Central Oregon.