If you have never been to Sunriver before, we envy you for being able to see it for the first time. From the forests filled with trees that change with the seasons to the river that runs through it to the mountains that rise high in the background, everywhere you turn there is something new to ooh and ahh over. And when you live in or visit an area so rich in natural beauty, it’s only to be expected that you will want to spend as much time as possible outside, enjoying the wonders that surround you. For those who appreciate the great outdoors, this guide to the five best Sunriver outdoor activities that should be booked in advance will ensure that you don’t miss out on a single moment.

Flying High

Sometimes the best way to get an idea of everything you want to see is to view a sampling of it from above, and Big Mountain Heli Tours offers a breathtaking way to do so no matter which season you’re visiting! Offering flights that last anywhere from 30 minutes to an entire day, this adventure promises to bring you to new heights of wonderment! Book your trip here.

Row, Row, Row Your Kayak

From soaring through the sky to skimming across the water, this next adventure brings you to Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe for tours along the Deschutes River. Beautiful at any time of the year, the fall foliage tours will take your breath away, and with prices starting at $75, this affordable adventure will be one you never forget. Book your session today here.

Like Riding a Bike, Only Better on Some of the Best Sunriver Bike Trails

Bike riding in and around Sunriver is an excellent way to explore, but let’s face it, you’re on vacation and you may not feel like putting out any more effort than you have to! If this is how you feel, we have a solution: Renting an electric bike from Village Bike &Ski allows you to have all the fun with little to no exertion! Electric bikes are allowed on Sunriver bike trails, and with costs starting at $18 for an hour’s excursion, they fit into budgets of all sizes. These are some of the best Sunriver bike trails! If you are an enthusiastic bike rider, you will definitely enjoy these Sunriver bike trails.

Riding Off into the Sunset

As each day passes and with each adventure accomplished, you may be thinking this getaway can’t get any better, and we’re happy to show you how wrong you are with a horseback adventure offered by Sunriver Stables! Featuring pony rides ($20) for the younger members of your traveling party and trail rides that start at $45 for a half hour and top out at $95 for a two-hour adventure, riding off into the Sunriver sunset is both romantic and exciting!

Are You Good to Go?

Good 2 Go, that is! Good 2 Go, your food and fun headquarters, allows for more winter fun than should be legal with the rental of snowmobiles, snow scooters, and racer sleds! Zipping along the snow and ice has never been easier or more exciting on these powerful yet extremely safe snow vehicles; don’t forget to reserve yours in advance or risk losing out on the transport of your choice!

Snug as a Bug

As the moon rises over the Sunriver landscape each night, you’ll feel comfortable, pampered, and snug as a bug in one of our Sunriver Pines vacation escapes. Reserve yours today!