No matter what time of year it is, Sunriver, Oregon will blow you away with the natural beauty of the mountains, pine trees, wildflowers, and river, and the plethora of activities to choose from when deciding how to fill your days here. Coming to Sunriver hand in hand with someone is a lovely way to experience this gorgeous locale. If you’re planning a romantic Sunriver vacation, make sure to include these five things on your itinerary:

Visit the Sunriver Marina

Rent a canoe and take a gentle and relaxing boat ride together down the river, enjoying the calming waters and nice weather. This is a serene way to start your Sunriver vacation together, and you’ll love it on your first day in the area.

Plan an Ice-Skating Date at The Village

Head down to The Village and rent some ice skates! This is a timeless date idea, and everyone should have an ice-skating date at least once in their life. Whether you’re pros or you’ve never skated before, this is a surefire way to have a fun and romantic day together. Head out to eat afterward to round out the date, because you’ll be hungry after all that skating!

Have Some Beers at the Mountain Jug

The Mountain Jug is a favorite among locals. Their tap selection is always golden, and there’s a cozy yet quirky atmosphere that you’ll love. You can listen to your favorite records and challenge each other at old school arcade games while you drink, and that makes it stand out among other bars.

Afternoon at the Sunriver Nature Center

Counteract the more exciting days with quiet afternoons at places like the Sunriver Nature Center, where you can walk around and simply enjoy each other’s company as you explore the center and its many features. With its interpretive exhibits, educational programs, nature trail, and beautiful botanical garden, this place is truly a hidden gem. This is one of the best things to do on your Sunriver vacation!

Stargaze at the Oregon Observatory

You’ll want to save the most romantic date night for last, of course, and what’s more romantic than going stargazing together? The elevation and lack of light pollution make this a perfect place to do it. This telescope is so powerful you’ll be able to see galaxies with your own eyes and discern the very rings of the planets. It’s a very powerful experience.

Plan Your Romantic Sunriver Vacation

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