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There are certain destinations that make you feel like you’re home from the minute you arrive and for me, that’s always been Central Oregon. I came to this area in 1991 and immediately knew it would be a long-lasting relationship with a place that’s packed with adventure, fun, and opportunity. With the Cascade Mountains providing an idyllic backdrop and the Deschutes River providing a scenic place to canoe and kayak, there’s no place quite like this in the world.

For visitors and locals, Central Oregon has a way with beautiful balance. It’s a destination where I can just as easily enjoy wine tasting as I can hiking, biking, and adventuring until the heart’s content. I have always been drawn to activities that let me explore my surroundings and Central Oregon is a place where I jump at every chance I’m offered to do exactly that. My love for this area quickly developed into the idea to start and develop a vacation rental and property management company. I couldn’t imagine a more thrilling experience than to build a company that would highlight everything I love about Central Oregon while providing top quality service for customers and property owners.

I was able to turn my dream into reality in 2004 with the creation of Sunriver Pines Vacation Homes. Beginning with a single property, I learned the in’s and out’s of vacation property rental, asking plenty of questions along the way and using obstacles to build a better business. As time went on, the potential that Sunriver Pines Vacation Homes held became more and more evident. I have always been inspired by that potential and energy and today, Sunriver Pines Vacation Homes has grown into what I always imagined it would be. I am proud to be a part of this company that can customize a Central Oregon stay for visitors whether they need a charming waterfront cabin or a luxurious and sprawling estate. I’m excited to work with new property owners who are enthusiastically pursuing the vacation rental experience and love the long-lasting relationships I’ve built with those property owners who have worked with me for years.

Personally, I see the success of Sunriver Pines Vacation Homes every day in the high quality and service my team provides everyone who comes our direction. We’re a committed group of professionals who love Central Oregon and can’t wait to make it an annual destination for others as well.