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Things to do in Sunriver, Oregon – Top 5 Most Incredible Sights

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With hundreds of days of sunshine, abundant natural beauty, and accessibility to hundreds of exciting things to do in Sunriver, Oregon, Sunriver is Central Oregon’s best kept secret. With so many beautiful sights to enjoy, choosing the best ones can sometimes feel overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite places to take in the beauty of Sunriver.

Visit Lava Lands Visitor Center & The Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Central Oregon would not be the rocky, fertile landscape it is today without the contribution of its ancient volcanoes. When the last volcanoes erupted about 7,000 years ago, they left behind a sea of rocky landscape between Bend and Sunriver. Located right off of Highway 97, the Lava Lands Visitor Center allows visitors to get a bird’s eye view of the remnants of this incredibly unique landscape.

The Deschutes River

No trip to Central Oregon would be complete without visiting the gorgeous Deschutes River. Popular for whitewater rafting, fishing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, tubing, and swimming, the great variation in The Deschutes’ width and currents lends itself to a wide array of watersports.

We highly recommend at least taking a walk along the Deschutes on Sunriver’s long river trail. Especially during sunrise and sunset, the fresh river water tends to sparkle in the sunlight.

Mount Bachelor

Named because it stands apart from the nearby Three Sisters volcanoes, Mount Bachelor is an inactive stratovolcano atop a shield volcano. It is centrally located right between Sunriver and Bend, making it a premier Central Oregon destination for outdoor sports.

In the winter, visitors enjoy snowshoeing, snowboarding, snow tubing, skiing, and dog sledding, among other things to do in Sunriver, Oregon. In the summer, the volcano lends itself to hiking, mountain biking, and backpacking. Rising up 9,000 feet above sea level, Mount Bachelor is not the tallest mountain in the Cascade Range by a long shot, but it is a gorgeous mountain nonetheless.

For great views of Mount Bachelor, hike to any of its nearby Buttes in Sunriver or visit the Lava Lands Visitor Center.

Sunriver Resort – Sunriver, OR Activities

Although Sunriver Resort is by no means a natural wonder, it is still a gorgeous part of Sunriver. With miles of pristinely cut lawn, dozens of architectural buildings, golf courses, upscale restaurants, a spa, and more, Sunriver Resort is perfectly curated and groomed to perfection. As the town of Sunriver’s crown jewel, we highly recommend visiting the resort for an afternoon.

The Oregon Observatory

As the largest astronomical viewing facility in the United States, The Oregon Observatory in Sunriver should not be missed. Boasting almost a dozen telescopes, a world-class facility, learning exhibits, and a staff of knowledgeable scientists, The Oregon Observatory is one of the most-loved things to do in Sunriver, Oregon.

Learn about space, meet scientists, and gaze at our solar system and nearby galaxies during an evening at The Oregon Observatory. We highly recommend this activity to people of all ages.

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