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Thump Coffee

Thump Coffee is a coffeehouse and roastery located in the beautiful city of Bend. The coffeehouse gets its inspiration from the hardworking people of Oregon and the state’s beautiful scenery. Read more about one of the best Sunriver coffee spots below:

All About Thump Coffee

Thump Coffee makes seven different roasts. North Fork, which is named after one of the best trails in Oregon, has notes of citrus, vanilla, and chocolate. Their decaf blend, Tiddly-Winks, has notes of raisins, graham crackers, and chocolate. Storm King, their classic espresso, has a velvety body with notes of chocolate.

They also have two Ethiopia blends, the washed Kochere reserve and unwashed Rophi reserve. The washed Kochere reserve has a complex blend of flavors with notes of lavender, rhubarb, and cane sugar. As the name suggests, the beans are fully washed before roasting. This washing processed is skipped for the unwashed Rophi reserve and instead, the beans are sun-dried on a raised bed, making this coffee taste like blueberries with hints of jasmine and lemon meringue.

The original Thump Coffee shop is located in downtown Bend on NW Minnesota Ave. They also have a second location across the river from downtown as well as a location in Denver, Colorado. Their roastery is located west of downtown Bend and is also where they bake many of their pastries sold in the shop. During the summer Thump Coffee hosts a Friday night concert series from 6 – 8 p.m. at their roastery. Enjoy the best views of Bend while you listen to live music. Beer, wine, and food are served at the concert series.

Their coffee shop offers plenty of outdoor seating and is great for people watching. Each cup of coffee is made by carefully weighing out the beans, which is why Thump Coffee is considered one of the best places for coffee in Bend. If you want a bite to eat with your coffee, they also serve their homemade-pastries, sandwiches, and bagels, including gluten-free muffins and breakfast sandwiches.

If you want to take Thump Coffee’s beans home with you, they sell bags of their beans both at the shop and online. The beans are packaged in 12-oz bags. You can also sign up to receive a shipment of two, three, or four 12-oz bags shipped to your house each month.

Sunriver Coffee

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