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5 Fun Things to do in Sunriver, Oregon You May Not Know About

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With an interesting modern history, a volatile volcanic past, and boundless natural wonders, Sunriver is one of Central Oregon’s best kept secrets. Below, we’ve compiled five of our favorite things to do in Sunriver, Oregon you may not know about.

Military History

Sunriver was originally established as a military base. During World War II, Camp Abbot was constructed as a combat engineer training facility. Although it only operated for two years before being abandoned, Camp Abbot was a prolific training camp. Today, the only standing structure from Camp Abbott is The Great Hall, which is now part of Sunriver Resort.

A Connection to the Stars

The Oregon Observatory is the largest astronomical viewing facility in the United States. With almost a dozen telescopes, visitors can easily see and learn about our solar system, faraway galaxies, and more with the help of the observatory’s staff scientists. The Oregon Observatory is a must! You can find it next door to the Sunriver Nature Center.

Astronaut Training

Newberry National Volcanic Monument was used by NASA astronauts in the 1960s. While NASA was preparing astronauts to learn how to walk on the moon, dozens of scientists, astronauts, and highly trained NASA officials descended on Deschutes County. On Newberry and other surrounding areas, astronauts went through extensive training, using the rough volcanic landscape to learn how to walk on the moon. You can find Lava Lands National Monument by driving north on Highway 97 from Sunriver.

Trade Significance – Fun Things to do in Sunriver, Oregon

The Huntington Wagon Road was once a main thoroughfare for the transportation of goods. Over a hundred years ago, the Huntington Wagon Road was used by wagons, pioneers, explorers, and soldiers as a main road between The Dalles and the Bend area. Today, the two miles of the trail are open as a historical point of interest. The interpretive maps, historic campsite, and beautiful forest make this area worth checking out. You can find the trailhead to the Huntington Wagon Road outside of Bend on McGrath Road.

Film History

During the filming of Rooster Cogburn, John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn stayed in a private home in Sunriver, Oregon. Throughout this film and many other Western movies of the 1970s were filmed near Sunriver. In the background, viewers can identify the Sisters, Mount Bachelor, Smith Rock, and other prominent geologic features.

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