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Benham Falls East Trailhead Sunriver

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By now you may have realized that a vacation in Oregon is one you will most likely want to spend outdoors. There’s plenty of fun to be had inside as well, but the beauty of the scenery in Bend is inescapable. The mountains in the background stand guard over acres of trees, emerald green grass, and of course, the Deschutes River that runs through it all. The attraction is real, and the longer you stay, the deeper you fall in love. We live here and we never get tired of it, and as such, many of our weekends are spent hiking the different trails in the area and falling deeper in love ourselves! Benham Falls Trail near Sunriver is a wonderful day use area, popular with locals and tourists, that offers outdoor Sunriver activities things to do that are sure to appeal all members of your family.

Finding Your Way to the Trailhead

Located about 20 minutes away from your Sunriver Pines vacation hideaway, the road to the Benham Falls Trail near Sunriver is paved with beauty and fantastic scenery, and its central location in between Bend and Sunriver makes it easy to find. Driving along NF-9702 is no hardship as you notice the beauty of the landscape that surrounds you. Go ahead, take a moment to pull over, get out of the car, and breathe in the crisp, clean air that makes Oregon such a popular place to visit. Don’t linger too long, though; you have some hiking to do and you don’t want to miss out on a minute of the fun things to do in Sunriver!

Plenty of Things to Do Near Sunriver Besides Hiking

The Benham Falls East Trailhead near Sunriver is the entranceway to the Deschutes River Trail, but it is so much more than a great area for hikers! Bicyclists with street bikes will love the paved trails, and the gravel trails accessible from this trailhead are popular with mountain bikers. Tucked away in a grove of mature Ponderosa Pines, this is where one of the boat launch sites for the Deschutes River is located, but only non-motorized ones are permitted. The picnic tables set along the banks feature incredible views to enjoy as you dine al fresco with your family, the crisp scent of pine trees mingling with the aromas of the picnic lunch you threw together back at your Sunriver Pines vacation rental. Hikers will have a choice of trails, including the Benham Falls Trail near Sunriver, which allows pets as long as they are kept on a leash and their owners clean up after them. The different trails are for all skill levels, ranging from easy and all ability accessible to ones that are challenging and best left to the experts; knowing your limits will ensure your day at the Benham Falls East Trailhead is a great and memorable one!

Recreation Passes Required

Day passes are required from May through September. Costing only $5 per vehicle, the money is used towards preservation and protection of the areas you will be exploring during your vacation. Information on purchasing passes can be found at the US Government Forest site at https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd509056.pdf.

More Ways to Play

While the outdoor lifestyle is an attractive one, after spending a morning hiking along the Benham Falls Trailhead, chances are you will be ready to see what kind of fun you can get into inside! Wanderlust Tours is one of our favorite ways of getting to know our section of paradise better, and the Bend Brew Bus is something you won’t soon forget. With tours starting at 1:30, the idea is they drive the bus to where the best drinks in town are—all you have to do is drink and enjoy! The Local Pour takes you on a beer, cider, and spirits tour and includes appetizers that will tide you over until it’s time to feed your empty stomach with a big dinner. Costing $80 per person and giving participants a stamp on their Bend Ale Trail passport, this tour is one of our favorite things to do in Sunriver and the perfect way to end a day of fun on the trails!

So Hungry

You’ve fallen in love with the natural landscape of Oregon as you’ve hiked the Benham Falls Trail near Sunriver, you’ve tasted some of the best craft beers during your Local Pour tour, and now your stomach is no longer willing to be ignored—it’s time to eat! Before your rumbly tummy puts up too much of a protest, we suggest you head over to the Blacksmith Restaurant at 211 NW Greenwood Avenue in Bend. Located in what was once a blacksmith shop (hence the name), today the Blacksmith is famous in the area for serving the thickest and juiciest steaks in town! With an extensive menu that covers everything from appetizers to seafood, the glowing bar in the center may capture your attention as you order your favorite beverage, but trust us, your first bite of their Blacksmith Signature Tomahawk will quickly return your attention to where it belongs!

You Can’t Stay Outside All Day

And that is where we come in! Reserve your Sunriver Pines cozy cabin today and discover Sunriver activities things to do as well as the joys of being inside in a region where the outside is paradise!

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