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You would think that after living here for as long as we have, we’d eventually become immune to the beauty of the area, but once you begin your Oregon vacation, you’ll understand why we don’t. Forests that are green and lush offer trails for hiking and biking, majestic mountains hold miles of ski trails in the winter, and the Deschutes River allows for hours of watery entertainment all year long. Our landscape is a true paradise, and we wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else in the country. Fort Rock Park near Sunriver, OR is one of the more scenic spots, and one of our favorite places to play in our time away from work. It is one of the Sunriver, Oregon things to do that you should move to the top of your vacation itinerary list!

Circling What Once a Prehistoric Sea

Jagged red rocks arranged in a circle that was once a pre-historic sea have created a natural area that is a unique and fascinating place to explore. This is where Oregon’s first inhabitants lived, creating a community out of the natural caverns hidden in the rocky outcroppings. A pair of sandals that are about 9000 years old (possibly even older) were once found in one of the caves in the area.

Tours of Fort Rock Cave are occasionally offered, costing $8 per person and lasting about an hour and a half; call 541-536-2428 for information on tour dates and times.

There are plenty of Sunriver, Oregon things to do and the hiking trails throughout the Fort Rock Park near Sunriver, OR give you the opportunity to imagine what life would have been like for the Native Americans that once made their home here. Close your eyes and picture the waters that were once the center of this circle and listen for the echoes of paddles sweeping through the waters as the inhabitants crossed the sea in wooden canoes. Pack a sandwich and some snacks in your backpack and stop for a picnic midway through your hike; the quiet beauty of the tuff ring (the rocks that you see circling around you) will make this meal more special than any five-course dinners at a restaurant! Keep your camera phone at hand and watch for the opportunity to catch a hawk in flight; the wildlife that inhabits Fort Rock State Park near Sunriver is protected and plentiful!

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Image by Jon Nelson / CC 2.0

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