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Mt. Bachelor

One of the best things about living in a mountain town is the ability to play outside year-round, especially on the mountain itself! Mt. Bachelor in Oregon offers activities guaranteed to bring the family together no matter when you choose to visit. Summer and spring are perfect times for hiking, biking and exploring, while fall is the time for leaf peepers, and winter is when this small town comes to life! Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling—whatever your favorite winter sport is, Mt. Bachelor, OR is the place you want to be when those first snowflakes fall.

The History

Located at 13000 SW Century Drive in Bend, Mt. Bachelor wasn’t always the super resort you see today. Largely ignored by the pioneers who settled here, for years it was just a beautiful accessory to the scenery of Sunriver and Bend. Starting in the 1920s with a simple ski jump and a mountaineer club formed by Scandinavian lumberjacks, Mt. Bachelor has been the prime location for winter sports in the Central Oregon region for residents and tourists alike. On October 18, 1958, Bachelor Butte officially opened, boasting one lift, two rope tows, and a small lodge that was only open days. The first season lasted 86 days and saw 29,000 skiers swooshing down the slopes. Mt. Bachelor, OR had officially begun its career as a ski resort.


Fast forward 58 years to the 2016 ski season that is about to start and Mt. Bachelor, Oregon is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States and the largest in the Cascade Mountains. When planning a winter vacation to the Sunriver region of Central Oregon, a trip to the resort should be number one on your list! Home to 4300 acres of ski lift accessible slopes and 88 runs, this is where the fun is! Bring your family and spend the day on the slopes skiing, snow dog sledding, snowboarding, and tubing. Winter shines brighter and lasts longer on Mt. Bachelor than in any other ski resort in the Northwest.

Other Mt. Bachelor, OR Adventures

During the off season, the lack of snow doesn’t mean the mountain goes back to just being a gorgeous scenic accessory to the landscape. The chairlifts stay open year round, allowing for a beautiful ride over some of the best views you’ve ever seen in your life! In the fall when the trees turn from green to a rainbow of brilliant colors so vivid they take your breath away, your ride is destined to be a silent one interspersed with gasps of delight. It can still be quite cold up here at this altitude in the fall, so remember to bring a sweater and jacket for a comfortable ride.

During your summer visit to Mt. Bachelor in Oregon, the views may not be as vivid, but they are equally breathtaking, and it can be a fun game with the kids to determine if you can see your Sunriver Pines vacation home from up here. Hiking the trails that traverse the mountain is a fun activity you can do during any time of the year; rent snow shoes at any of the gear shops in the area and just be sure to stay away from the slopes in the winter. When the snow is melted, the mountain is free to explore, and the only special equipment you will need is hiking boots, plenty of water, and maybe some sunscreen!


Winter sports stir up a big appetite, and with nine different dining spots on the mountain, you won’t have trouble finding a meal to sate your mountain sized appetite. Ranging from a simple coffee shop (Pinnacles, the espresso bar) to an intimate après ski bar (Clearing Rock Bar), Mt. Bachelor has a spot for every appetite. No one goes hungry on our watch! If your hunger is more substantial requiring a full meal to appease it, you can meander into either Sunriver or Bend and find a selection guaranteed to please the pickiest of eaters!

Greg’s Grill, found at 395 SW Powerhouse Drive in Bend, offers hearty dishes that include a filling Shepherd’s Pie all year round, but in the warmer months the good gets even better as you sit on the patio that overlooks the Deschutes River. The fresh air, the beautiful views, and of course, that delicious food makes this spot the best place in town!

For those times when you just want a beer, maybe after a dinner at any of the Sunriver spots we’ve mentioned earlier, the Mountain Jug at 56805 Venture Lane in Sunriver hits the spot quite nicely. Offering a revolving selection of local craft brews on tap as well as the brands you’ve loved forever, it’s their collection of vinyl records that makes them stand out even more.

Sunriver Pines

After a long day of sliding down the slopes, nothing feels better than a soak in a hot tub before climbing into a soft bed for a night filled with happy dreams. Book your luxurious Sunriver Pines vacation rental today and discover just how much better the right vacation home can make a vacation.

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