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The Newberry Volcanic Monument

Remember back in grade school when you constructed a homemade volcano for science class and how much fun it was when the lava started explode out of the mountain, creating hot lava trails sliding down the sides? Even today, the memory brings a smile to your face and leaves you with a fondness for volcanoes, which leads us to today’s topic, the Newberry Volcanic National Monument. This 7000-year-old cinder cone has been a prime attraction ever since the visitor center opened 25 years ago and offers Central Oregon visitors and residents an opportunity to explore and learn about the workings of volcanoes.

The History

Much of the beauty that is the hallmark of Central Oregon is due to volcano eruptions thousands of years ago. The Cascade Volcanoes are known today as Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top, and Three Sisters, and the result of those volcanoes is cinder cone we today call the Newberry Volcanic Monument. A cinder cone is created by piles of lava that fall around the opening of a volcano, forming a steep conical shaped hill, destructive at the time of eruption, but today, thousands of years later, a spot that is starkly beautiful.


Today, the monument is the base of over 50,000 acres of lava flow, creating 110 miles of trails perfect for hiking, biking, or even horseback riding with views of the Oregon countryside that are breathtakingly beautiful. Bring your family or simply hike alone, enjoying the unique landscape of this special area as you explore and discover yet another reason our area really is paradise. Here is a list of spots you should not miss out on during your exploration.

Lava Lands Visitor Center – Every journey has a starting point and an ending point, and this spot where astronauts once trained for the moon landing is the perfect place to begin your adventure.

Lava River Cave – Created by an underground flow of molten lava, this lava tube is really cool, unless you don’t like bats, then maybe you should avoid this spot that is home to a whole colony!

Paulina Falls – Surrounded by a few hiking trails, this double waterfall is a sight to behold—don’t forget your camera!

Big Obsidian Flow – The Big Obsidian Flow is the baby of all the flows in the area. It’s just turned 1300 years old and is home to an outdoor amphitheater. Try to stick around for the ranger talk given here; it’s unbelievably fascinating!

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