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Originally named the Sunriver Observatory, the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver is one of those places that reminds us just how large and awesome the world we live in really is. Located at 57425 River Road, the Sunriver, Oregon observatory is home to 11 supersized telescopes that bring the stars close enough to allow you to explore without ever having need to leave the Earth’s surface! Future astronomers will thrill at the sight of billions of stars appearing to be close enough to touch, and for those who haven’t decided what’s in their future, this fun thing to do in Sunriver, OR could be life changing.

Clear Skies and Dark Nights

Remember when you were a child and your parents let you stay out late on summer nights? At one point, you’d always find yourself lying flat on your back in the soft green grass, staring up at the sky that was alight with the glow of billions of stars. Maybe your parents would lay next to you, pointing out the North Star or the Milky Way, and eventually you’d drift off to sleep to the sound of crickets chirping and the rumbling of your dad’s voice; life was good.

Today, it’s probable that this kind of life tradition just isn’t possible where you live, as city lights and air pollution have appeared to put out the lights of the stars and galaxies you were so fond of as a child. Your vacation in Sunriver, however, gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge of the stars with your own children when you take some time out your vacation schedule for a visit to the Sunriver, Oregon observatory!

Oregon Observatory at Sunriver is Open 6 Nights a Week

Nighttime is the right time for the best view of the stars, but daytime hours also offer their own adventures at the Observatory. Filtered telescopes offer safe views of the fieriest star of all: the Sun. Have any questions? Just ask! Our staff is knowledgeable and on hand to answer all questions, from the simplest to the most difficult. After all, curiosity is our friend!

August 21st of this year brought about a unique opportunity to witness a solar eclipse, and while the total blackout area was not in Oregon, Sunriver was close enough to experience a 99% solar eclipse.

Create Your Own Traditions

There may not be opportunities for you to lay on the grass with your kids as you discuss the stars in the skies, but the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver allows you to create new traditions that are just as important. Start by reserving your Sunriver Pines family vacation home today; exploring the things to do in Sunriver, OR will come naturally!

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