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The Sunriver Nature Center

When you live in the Sunriver area, you spend a lot of time outside. The scenery and landscape of a Central Oregon town is breathtaking, and you want to be able to spend as much time experiencing as is possible—can you blame us? We don’t just play outside, though, we learn a healthy respect for Mother Nature at a young age, and places like the Sunriver, Oregon Nature Center and Observatory offer the opportunity to really understand our importance when it comes to preserving the natural for our children and all the generations that follow.

Why Go?

First of all, your kids are going to love it, and to be honest you probably will too! The Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory allows you to learn how to track animals as they study (and handle) the nonhuman residents of this wonderful place. Educational and entertaining, the center is so much fun, your children won’t even realize they are learning something (We won’t tell if you don’t!). The creature cave that houses a large selection of snakes, lizards, frogs, and toads is creepily awesome; we bet the younger members of your family will be talking about this exhibit for years to come!

The Indoor Exhibits

Inside, you will find and be able to touch a varied selection of animal furs, skulls, and yes, poop, while learning about the lives of local creatures, including porcupines, otters, and beavers who live in this Oregon nature center! Indoors is where you will find the aforementioned Creature Cave and the opportunity to learn about meteorites and other cosmic creations. Our botanical garden exhibits fauna and flora native to our region and includes trees and cacti.

The Outdoor Exhibits

Here is where the wild things are! Experience close encounters with our birds of prey; we are a bird rehabilitation center as well as a nature center, and will have a revolving display of birds depending on when you visit. The owls are our most popular attractions, but the toad migration that takes place in the summer runs a close second. You can hike through different “neighborhoods of nature,” including forests and wetlands, and we can answer any wildlife or nature questions that may be lingering in your mind.

The Details

Located at 57245 River Road, the Sunriver, Oregon Nature Center and Observatory isn’t just a fun way to while away a few vacation hours; it is educational and won’t take a bite out of your budget! Costing $6 for adults and $4 dollars for kids 2-12 (under 2 is free), this worthy establishment will end up being the talk of your vacation!

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