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Tumalo State Park in Sunriver

For us, the idea of a dream vacation involves waking up early, putting on our favorite hiking shoes, strapping on a backpack, and heading to the nearest park for a day of hiking and exploration. The morning sun brings a touch of warmth to an otherwise chilly day, and we love the sound of the wind whispering through the trees as baby birds start to chirp hungrily and the feel of the soft air against our cheeks; THIS is our idea of a paradise! Our problem is that we actually live in paradise, and it takes a lot to impress us on our travels, but you are the fortunate ones who are traveling here, so prepared to be awed by all of the things to do in Sunriver, OR! Tumalo State Park near Sunriver, located at 64170 O.B. Riley Road in Bend, is one of our favorite places to be, and we hope that you will add it to your list of things to see while in Bend.

Tumalo State Park Sunriver Adventures

Your Tumalo State Park adventure can take many forms: sitting on a bench watching your children frolic on the playground, or perhaps even joining in on the fun and swinging high enough for your feet to touch the sky. Picnics in the park are another fun way of bringing your family closer together; just prepare a simple meal in the gourmet kitchen of your Sunriver Pines cabin and head to one of the many picnic tables and pavilions found in the park.

Bring your dog (on a leash!) and take him hiking on one of the trails that cut through Tumalo Sate Park near Sunriver, feeling stronger as you push your limits. Or you take it slow and easy and thoroughly enjoy the sights and sounds you see and hear along the path. Fish along the Deschutes River and catch tonight’s dinner, and when it starts to get too hot, jump in and cool off!

Bring along your binoculars and a checklist and mark off all the birds you see as you hike. For birdwatchers, this park might be the best thing to do while in Sunriver, OR. The western meadowlark is Oregon’s state bird, but you can also expect to see owls, robins, woodpeckers, and if you’re lucky, America’s symbol, the bald eagle. Check out the follow site for an expanded list of birds you can expect to see while on vacation in Oregon: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/species/birds/blackbirds_grackles_orioles.asp.

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