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Tie and Pie

When we first heard of this event, we thought it was some kind of formal event that involved pie. Turns out we were half right, and we are so glad we decided to check it out! No formal wear is involved, but it does involve yummy and delicious pie. Held on February 21st this year, this fun and informative event will be a hit with the fishing fans in your family—yes, the tie part is all about tying up some really colorful fishing flies, so if you’re in Oregon, fishing flies is definitely something you should learn to make!

Fishing in Sunriver

When you visit our idyllic village, you’ll soon discover there are two types of people who live here: those who fish and those who don’t, with the Oregon fishing fans being the more prevalent bunch! And although all types of fishing are fun, we have a certain affinity for fly fishing and the awards it brings to us when done right. Even a bad day fishing is better than pretty much anything else in life, though it can still be frustrating to spend a day on the river failing miserably.

Fly fishing can be difficult, but there are plenty of classes out there that will help you learn its ins and outs, and if you really want to excel, Tie and Pie is an annual event that will boost each day’s catch. For four years, experienced fishermen (and novice ones too) have come together to learn the practical and exciting art of tying your own flies! Creating flies out of feathers, hooks, and thread, the experts teach participants how to create a fly that will have the fish practically jumping on your hook and learning about all the best Sunriver fishing spots!. And while everyone is having fun, they will also be eating pie!

This absolutely free event held at the Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center (SHARC) 57250 Overlook Road and comes with hot coffee and delicious pie. Fun, free, and welcoming, your visit to Sunriver will be enhanced by the event and your meals will be fresh, sweet, and also free; the extra fish you catch with your new skills will make sure of that!

Book a Stay Learn About Oregon and Fishing Flies

After you have tested your new skills on the Deschutes River, bring home your booty and grill ‘em up on the deck of your Sunriver Pines vacation escape. Many of our properties come with outside grills, but if yours doesn’t, our fully-equipped kitchens make a great substitute. Reserve yours today!