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Workshop Wednesdays at the Copeland Gallery

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As you explore the natural landscape of Sunriver, Oregon, more often than not you may find yourself reaching for your cell phone to take another picture of the breathtaking beauty found in our hometown: majestic mountains standing guard with their snow-topped peaks in the winter, forests of trees bursting in vibrant colors in the height of the fall, and the greens of the fields in summer and spring. No matter what the season, Sunriver is a very photographic place to visit. However, a cell phone camera, even those with high pixels, is not very successful at creating a true visual, and many of us buy expensive cameras that have the capability of offering so much more—if not for the person BEHIND the lens! This is why Workshop Wednesdays at the Copeland Gallery can be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Learn From the Best

As you’re out and about in your daily life, sometimes you come across things that take your breath away: the look of happiness on a child’s face when presented with a puppy, the sight of your wife sleeping peacefully beside you, or a photograph taken with such skill you feel as if you are right there in the scene being portrayed. In the latter case, chances are that photograph was taken by world-renowned photographer Chad Copeland, and for two hours on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month you can have the opportunity to learn from the master himself. His workshops have become the talk of the town and judging by the new works of art in many of our galleries, they are successful as well! Held at the Copeland Gallery at Village at Sunriver #24, you can view his work and learn how to create photographs that will take away the breath of everyone who sees them. The best part? It’s free and one of the best Oregon art galleries! The gallery is a new venture for Mr. Copeland, so we can’t guarantee that the workshops will remain free forever, but we say take advantage of the experience while you can!

Book a Stay To Visit the Copeland Gallery 

Because practice makes perfect, the million-dollar views from your Sunriver Pines escape (that haven’t cost you near that amount) allow you to practice your new skills in comfort and style! Sit out on the deck with a glass of wine and your camera and capture the sun setting over the mountains in a shot that will make you wonder if you should quit your day job and start taking pictures for a living! And as the sky explodes in a cacophony of colors, you’ll know that right here in one of our Sunriver Pines vacation homes is the only place you want to be. Reserve your stay with us today.