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Those not already in the know may be asking if we are just randomly forming words that aren’t really words, but as beer lovers all over the state of Oregon know, that is not the case! Plain and simple, Zwickelmania is an event that has begun to reach almost holy proportions in our northwest state. This celebration of Oregon and craft beer sponsored by the Oregon Brewer’s Guild makes us insanely happy, and if you decide to visit during the event, you’ll soon understand why! It’s one of the best Oregon beer festivals!

Known for Our Delicious Beers

For a very long time, it was wine that people ordered to feel more cosmopolitan, and while Oregon is still known for its Pinot grapes, it’s beer that is beginning to put us on the map again—craft beer to be more exact—and if you spend any time in Sunriver or Bend, you shouldn’t be surprised to find a plethora of breweries competing against each other in order to get your business. During Zwickelmania, held on February 23rd this year, however, those same breweries come together in camaraderie, dedicated to the celebration of the foam, the hops, and all the other wonderful ingredients that combine to create the nectar we call craft beer! 17 breweries spread out across Bend, Redmond, and our hometown of Sunriver will be offering special tours, tastings, and the opportunity to meet the brewers who are our heroes! It costs nothing to participate in one of the best Oregon beer festivals, but offers plenty of tasty drinks to purchase and take back to your Sunriver Pines vacation escapes and enjoy in comfort and privacy.

And if you’re wondering why this celebration is an Oregon-only event, we can only say that our relationship with beer has been a long and prosperous one that started in 1969 with the publication of a Treatise on Lager Beers in Portland. We’d also like to add that although we think our branch of the celebration is the best, Zwickelmania is celebrated all over Oregon throughout the month of February! Another fun fact is about the special bottled beer that will be offered for sale in the breweries for a limited time; named the Collab West Coast IPA, some of the proceeds from the sale will go towards the further support of breweries throughout our state. Cheers to the new and innovative and to the classics of which we never tire!

Your Beer Tastes Better During Your Stay with Us

Sunriver Pines doesn’t just offer really comfortable beds to sleep in; our properties offer the best place to drink a cold one! Sitting out on the deck, watching the sun set or the beauty of the landscape with your favorite traveling partner makes your Oregon getaway an extraordinary one. Reserve your stay today!