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Things to do near Sunriver – Off-Roading in Sunriver

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Adventurous, thrilling, and scenic, off-roading allows you to go deeper into Central Oregon’s wilderness and experience all the things to do near Sunriver. Discover deserted volcanic landscapes, high desert sunsets, lush waterfalls, and craggy volcanic peaks from your vehicle. The landscape near Sunriver, Oregon is varied and exceptionally beautiful. Read on to learn about how you can try off-roading near Sunriver, Oregon!

Why Go Off-Roading?

By driving an all-wheel drive vehicle with clearance into the wilderness, you’ll be able to tackle rutted, winding dirt roads that will take you deep into the Central Oregon backcountry.

See pristine landscape and enjoy the serenity and solitude that comes with the ability to enter land not easily accessible by others.

Where Can You Go Off-Roading? Things to do Near Sunriver

Surprisingly, there are hundreds of miles of dirt roads maintained by the US Forest Service surrounding Sunriver and Bend. However, maintained is a loose term. Although the foliage is often cut back once a year, don’t expect these roads to be well cleared or graded. Often, these roads are extremely rough and rugged, making them perfect for an off-roading adventure deep into the mountains.

Five of our favorite off-roading locations near Sunriver are Crack-in-the-Ground Trail in Silver Lake, Hole-in-the-Ground in Fort Rock, Cline Butte Loop in Eagle Crest, and Pelican Butte Trail in Winema. Each of these locations offers terrain that’s unique from the last and altogether represent some of the best things to do near Sunriver.

What Companies Can You Off-Road With?

In order to go off-roading, you will need to acquire a vehicle with all-wheel drive and proper clearance. There are several companies near Sunriver that offer a comprehensive and fulfilling off-roading experience. Two of our favorite companies are Three Sisters Backcountry and Bend Jeep Tours. Both companies staff knowledgeable off-roading experts who are passionate about the outdoors.

Stay Locally with Sunriver Pines

At Sunriver Pines, we are passionate about sharing our love for Oregon with our guests. Our knowledgeable local agents are full of suggestions that will allow guests to experience Central Oregon’s best kept secrets. To learn about our management company, the services we offer to renters, and exciting activities near Sunriver, browse our website’s sections on About Us, Our Services, and Things To Do.

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