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Biking in Sunriver, Oregon

Sunriver, Oregon is well-known for its incredibly picturesque landscape of distant mountain peaks, fertile river valleys, well-manicured golf courses, and vast swathes of lush forests and dense greenery. When visitors come, there are a number of ways that they can get up close and personal with this stunning scenery.

One of the most popular local outlets for recreational activity is bike riding. There is an immense network of Sunriver bike trails that make it easy and enjoyable to cruise along and see its natural sights. Read on to learn more about this relaxing, leisurely activity that is good for the body, the environment, and the soul.

Cruise the Many Trails of Sunriver

There are a myriad of Sunriver bike trails—thirty miles of paved pathways, to be exact—suited to riders of all skill-levels and abilities on Sunriver bikes.

Two such trails take visitors to Benham Falls. One trail is more family-friendly, consisting of two and a half miles of predominantly paved roadway. The other trail is more difficult, spanning three and a half miles. First constructed in 2003, this trail showcases steep elevation changes and a narrower trail. It’s clearly marked, departing from the parking area, passing the canoe take out point, then running along the river until you reach the Benham Fallas visitors area.

The majority of Sunriver bike trails are under a mile, with a few exceptions. These trails include COCC Shevlin Park Trail, Cascade Highlands Trail, Central Oregon Canal Trail, Colorado Trail, Coyner Trail, Deschutes River Trail (a staggering twelve and a half miles), Dry Canyon Trail, East Bend Canal Trail, Haul Road Trail, Larkspur Trail, Pine Nursery Park Trail, and Tetherow Trail.

Trails with dirt and gravel, which might be more ideally suited for Sunriver mountain biking rather than cruisers, include Big Sky Park Trail, Cascade Highlands Trail, Central Oregon Canal Trail, Deschutes River Trail (an extremely long trail of twelve and a half miles), East Bend Canal Trail, Haul Road Trail, and Larkspur Trail. All other trails consist predominantly of asphalt.

Before you embark on your journey, remember that Oregon law requires that all those on Sunriver bikes less than sixteen years of age, including passengers, wear helmets. Other notable rules and laws include turning your headlights on and using red reflectors in the evening, riding and walking on the right side of the path, passing on the left after giving an audible warning, yielding to vehicles at road crossings, stopping without obscuring traffic, and securing pets in baskets or trailers (as opposed to having your leashed pet run alongside you). Additionally, pedestrians and people walking bicycles have the right-of-way on paths and road crossings.

Plan Your Next Getaway with Sunriver Pines

Few destinations are better for relaxing and reconnecting with yourself and your environment than Sunriver. At Sunriver Pines, we understand just how wonderful it is to stay here, with its restorative and rejuvenating effects. As such, we always aim to share the full experience of the area with all of our guests through the best accommodations and customer service possible. Our team of reservation specialists is ready to answer your questions about our fantastic vacation rental properties, how our vacation rental process works, and general information about the Sunriver area.

Contact our office today to reserve your own private slice of paradise in the beautiful woods of Central Oregon and take part in Sunriver mountain biking!