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Hiking and Rock Climbing in Sunriver, Oregon

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Few places can rival the serenity and ambiance that is infused into the landscape of Sunriver, Oregon. With its majestic mountain peaks, lush swathes of forest greenery, dense and fertile river valleys, and even its well-manicured man-made golf courses, there are few places truly as green and lovely as Sunriver.

Being in such a setting, locals and visitors are often inspired to hit the trails in search of amazing natural sights, whether they do so by bike, horseback, hiking, or rock climbing. In fact, the latter two activities are extremely popular, as they do not entail buying or renting equipment or animals; they simply rely on your own body, at no cost to you (unless you decide to employ the guidance of a trail guide).

Read on to learn more about where to go for the best Sunriver hiking trails and rock climbing in Oregon!

Take in the View from These Rock Climbing and Hiking Trails

Just a short drive away from Sunriver proper, there are a myriad of Sunriver hiking trails for hikers and climbers of all abilities.

For an easy hike, there are several Sunriver hiking trails that will do you service. Pilot Butte State Park has a two-mile loop that takes you on a nature trail that leads to a scenic viewpoint. Well-known for its beauty, it’s one of the most popular trails in the area. Other easy trails for hiking near Sunriver, Oregon include Larkspur Trail, Shevlin Park’s Canyon Rim Loop, Newberry Obsidian Trail, Benham Falls, Lava River Cave, and Lava Cast Forest (though it should be noted that the last four trails require day-use permits).

Deschutes River Trail is a moderate hike of three miles and has multiple access points and parking areas at which you can begin your journey. Both Black Butte Trail and Mt. Bachelor Summit Trail provide visitors with spectacular views of the Three Sisters and Broken Top mountains. Tumalo Falls is another moderately difficult trail, spanning five and a half miles, while Green Lakes Trail is even longer at nine miles out and back. Be sure you have the endurance for long hikes before attempting these more difficult Sunriver hikes.

Finally, if you’re looking for a challenge, Smith Rock State Park has Sunriver hikes of varying length and intensity, some of which are more difficult than those previously listed, including The Misery Ridge hiking trail. A day-use permit is required at this park, but it’s well worth it to see one of the most popular climbing destinations in the world.

Oregon rock climbers will find their bliss at Smith Rock State Park as well, with climbing routes like Spiderman, Pioneer Route, 5 Gallon Buckets, Voyage of the Cowdog, Moonshine Dihedral, Wherever I May Roam, Gold Rush, and Zion, to name a few.

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