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An Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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When you live in a state as beautiful as ours, you spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the weather, the scenery, and the wonderful people who live here. When visiting, you most likely will want to do the same, no matter what the season, and stand up paddle boarding near Bend, OR is just one of many outdoor activities you will end up enjoying —mostly during the summer months, though. It gets kind of cold when you fall in the water in the winter!

What Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

Stand up paddle boarding has become a very popular sport these days, but it is no flash in the pan. This water activity has been in existence in some form or other over quite a few centuries and in many different countries. Performed on a board slightly wider and thicker than a surf board, the participant stands up straight on the board and uses an oar to paddle along the surface of gentle waters. Peaceful and soothing while building the strength of your core muscles, it can even be used during yoga classes. Stand up paddle boarding is a Bend, OR favorite, you’ll find tons of locals participating —some even have their dogs join in the fun!

Where Can You Get the Equipment?

You don’t have to pack your SUP equipment in your carry on, fortunately; there are many local stores that rent all the equipment you need and even offer lessons or guided tours along the Deschutes River, giving you a wonderful opportunity to check out the Old Mill District while enjoying a beautiful and sunny Oregon day. Sun Country Tours is one of our favorite companies for all our stand up paddle board needs near Bend, Oregon. Their classes make even the most novice paddle boarders look like seasoned professionals, and they also offer SUP yoga classes if you’re looking for a new way to make yoga even more difficult than it already is!

The Family That Plays Together…

Bonds in ways you never dreamed possible, especially when your kids see how cool you are about trying new things! Lessons run about $55 dollars a person, depending on where you go, and take about an hour and a half. In no time at all you will be paddling down the river like professionals—or laughing hysterically over how many times you fall in! It doesn’t matter how it goes, you will still have fun!

Sunriver Pines

The paddle boarding season around Bend, OR starts up again in May. Book your luxury Sunriver Pines vacation home, such as 18 Hickory, today and start planning your vacation of a lifetime!