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Sunriver Ice Skating

If you’re planning on visiting Central Oregon during the winter months, you and your family will find many activities guaranteed to keep you entertained no matter what the weather is like. We are a mountain town, and as such, winter weather includes lots of snow and plenty of outdoor sports like skiing and ice skating at Sunriver Village. Open only during the winter, this indoor/outdoor skating rink is the perfect spot for winter fun! Read on to learn more about ice skating in Sunriver, Oregon!

The Rink

Built with a roof over top and glassless windows surrounding it, the Sunriver ice rink allows you to spend a day practicing your triple axel without having to worry about inclement weather spoiling your fun. If skating isn’t your thing, but your children are excited to try, our rink has outdoor seating areas where you can enjoy the crisp cool Oregon air, or an indoor seating area with a gas fireplace to help you stay toasty warm. Glass windows here keep the heat in and the chill out!

The Experience

For those of you who have never lived in a cold weather state or who have never ice skated before, this is an experience you should definitely try. There’s something soothing about skating around the rink on a cold winter’s day, laughing and chatting with your family as you listen to the cheerful music playing from the state of the art speakers above you. On a snowy day, the soft sound of flakes gently falling to the ground, with the occasional snowflake drifting through the open windows to land on your nose and cheeks adds to the feeling that you are living in a dream. For those of you who have done this before, we know you need no coaxing. An afternoon spent ice skating in Sunriver, Oregon is an unforgettable one destined to be repeated many times during your stay in Central Oregon.

The Details

The Sunriver Rink reopens in November, so now is the perfect time to start planning your winter getaway to Oregon. Sunriver ice skating enthusiasts can save room in their suitcases; ice skates are available for rental. If you have a young child who has never skated before, we also offer skate walkers to make the experience easier and more enjoyable for your novice skater. Prices are as follows:

  • Adults (13 and older)- $14
  • Children (5-12)- $10
  • Kids under 5- FREE
  • Skate walkers are available on a first come, first served basis and cost an additional $5

Sunriver Pines

Book your fun-filled winter vacation with Sunriver Pines today and discover the joyful side of Central Oregon. Our vacation homes, including 15 Big Leaf, will make your family time all that sweeter.