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The Ins & Outs of Sunriver Tennis and Pickleball

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The family that plays together, stays together, and nowhere is this truer than when on vacation. Which is why when you stay in a Sunriver Pines vacation rental, you have the opportunity to play a variety of different sports, including tennis and a game some of you may not have heard of before: pickleball! Spend your days playing the racquet game of your choice in the midst of the cool pines and discover new ways to bring your family closer on your Central Oregon vacation.

First of All, What Is Pickleball?

Played on a tennis court with a racquet that is slightly bigger than a ping pong paddle and made entirely out of wood, pickleball is a game that is a mixture of tennis, ping pong, and badminton. Played by two, three, or even four players, the wiffle-like ball adds an element of fun that is enjoyed by players of all ages. The rules are simple and easy to learn; all you need to do is keep the ball going back and forth over the net. Think you can handle it?

Where Can You Play?

With over two dozen hard surfaced Sunriver tennis courts and six pickleball courts, you won’t have trouble finding a place to play, no matter how popular the sports are. Our website has complete information on where to go to play with your family, but if you’re looking specifically to play pickleball, Fort Rock Park is where you want to be. You can bring your own equipment if you like, but don’t worry if you haven’t got any; Sunriver offers plenty of places to rent equipment for both tennis and pickleball.

You’ve Never Played Either Sport Before, But It Looks Like Fun

Lessons are available for both sports, or you can always look up how to play on the internet. The great thing about playing with your family is you really don’t have to worry about impressing anyone; just show up and try not to laugh too hard at how funny your family members look trying to figure out the ways to play!

Family Time

It doesn’t matter what you do on your vacation, all that matters is that you have a great time doing it! Some of our best vacation memories involve laughing over card games and puzzles; playing a competitive game of tennis or pickleball is guaranteed to help you make memories of your own!

Sunriver Pines

Book your luxury Sunriver Pines vacation rental today and discover the joys of a family vacation in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Your Central Oregon vacation will be one you don’t soon forget!