Top Reasons to Visit Sunriver, Oregon During Halloween

While many people declare Christmas their favorite time of year, it’s Halloween that has our hearts, thanks in no small part to the costumes, scary movies, and delicious sweet treats that we “borrow” from our children’s stash! This is a holiday where you never feel too old to celebrate and the sense of excitement never dies down. Anticipation vibrates through the air as All Hallows Eve grows closer. Sunriver is a small town with the heart of an excited child, and the festivities found here will bring a warmth to your heart, just as the candies bring a smile to your taste buds!

Halloween in the Village, 57100 Beaver Drive 

If you are vacationing on Halloween, your younger children might be a tad peeved at you for making them miss out on their favorite holiday, but never fear: Halloween in the Village means they won’t miss out on any of the fun! Starting at 4PM on October 31st and ending at 6PM, there will be games, a bouncy house, and store-to-store trick or treating for the children in your life. If you didn’t bring a costume, go early and purchase one there!

Haunted Spots in Sunriver

Who needs a manufactured haunted house when you can be scared of the real thing? The most haunted places in Sunriver allow you the opportunity to see, hear, or maybe even be touched by a real ghost! Make sure that your waitress is real when visiting the O’Kane Building; there’s rumors of one old gal who apparently really loved her job and continues to shout out the orders of customers decades after her death!

Scary Movie Marathons in Your Sunriver Pines Cabin

Sometimes the best fun can be found at home, or in this case, your Sunriver Pines vacation cabin! Start a fire in the fireplace, pour yourself a glass of grog (beer or wine is a perfect substitute!), and prop yourself in front of the television for a night of spooky delights! There’s no better way to celebrate our favorite holiday than with the one you love. Keep the lights off for better ambience; the harvest moon and the flickering lights on the screen give off just the right amount of spooky light! And remember, Halloween is only a few weeks away, so reserve your cabin today before your favorite is chosen by someone else!

Top End of Summer Activities in Sunriver, Oregon

Well, it’s happened again: Another summer has flown past, and you haven’t taken the time to stop and enjoy the season. We get it. Life is busy, and sometimes you just can’t get away. We’re not judging you, we are just urging you to stop, take a breath, and refill your energy tanks with an end of summer sabbatical in our naturally beautiful Oregon village. It’s time to say sayonara to summer with a peaceful stay in a Sunriver Pines vacation cabin—you deserve it!

Spend Some Time in a Saddle

It’s hard to get more relaxing than by exploring the beauty of Sunriver atop a magnificent steed—one who happens to be gentle and easygoing as well! Sunriver Stables, at 57215 River Road, offers trail rides, lessons, and pony rides for an opportunity to discover the gentler side of Sunriver. Costs range from $15 for pony rides up to $90 for trail rides and lessons.

Take a Spa Day 

It sometimes feels selfish when we take time for ourselves, especially when so many other things seem to top our priority lists, but if you don’t take care of you, you are not going to have the energy to take care of others! Enjoy a spa day at Sage Springs Spa & Club, located at 17600 Center Drive, and refill your energy reservoirs!

Golf Vacations Center Your Soul

Golf can be frustrating, aggravating, expensive, and tiring, but for the true fan, there is no better way to fill their vacation hours! The season is almost over in Sunriver, but it’s not too late to play a few rounds while the weather is perfect! Woodland’s Golf Course at 17890 West Core Road is a local fave!

Take a Hike

Sunriver is home to over 30 miles of paved trails through some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. Catch the beginnings of the leaves changing, breath in that crisp air, and savor the silence that surrounds you. Next week you will be back in the land of traffic jams and angry bosses, and these moments will be your saviors.

Stay Home and Recharge

Your Sunriver Pines vacation home away from home offers all the necessities for a relaxing and recharging experience. There’s almost no need to leave the property! Sleep late in beds so soft you may think they are clouds in disguise, play a game of pool in the game room, or simply sit on the deck enjoying coffee, conversation, and the rugged beauty of the scenery that surrounds you. Reserve yours today before summer completely passes you by!

The Top Five Brunch Spots In Sunriver

Vacation dining. These two words are responsible for a good portion of our happiness while on vacation, as we sample our way through the menus of some of the best restaurants in town. In our humble opinion, tasting the flavor of our vacation spots is the best way to get to know our temporary homes, and we think you will feel the same way while staying in Sunriver—especially when looking for a brunch spot. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but brunch is our favorite meal, so sleep in a little later than you normally do, enjoy the crisp coolness of a Sunriver morning with a cup of coffee on the patio of your Sunriver Pines vacation rental, and head over to one of these five brunch places!

Café Sintra, 7 North Ponderosa Road

Brunch is not exclusively an American meal, and the Portuguese-inspired delicacies found here will change your life for a few minutes! Offering a list of benedict specials, the Sintra Benedict with linguica (a Portuguese sausage) is worth trying more than once!

Big Belly’s Burgers and Brews, 56815 Venture Lane, Suite #501

Because even the best mornings can be improved by a really spicy Bloody Mary, Big Belly’s Burgers and Brews had to be added to the list! Oh, don’t get us wrong, their brunch choices will tantalize your taste buds, but their Bloody Mary’s will warm the cockles of your heart!

Cohen’s Stacked Bistro, 56880 Venture Lane, Suite #104

Serving your tried and true brunch favorites while adding their special twist to the recipes, Cohen’s Stacked Bistro offers brunch done right. Chicken fried steak is made even more special when you start with a hand crusted New York Strip, and peanut butter and jelly is made more sophisticated when served as Crispy House-Made Peanut Butter and Jelly-Stuffed French Toast!

Carson’s American Kitchen, 17600 Center Drive

Sometimes eating healthy can be both tasty and good for you, and Carson’s offers healthy meals that will make your mouth water! Gluten-free whole grain banana pancakes will have you wondering what you ever saw in regular pancakes, and the Carson’s Croissant, served with egg whites, basil pesto, heirloom tomatoes, spinach, and turkey will forever change the way you consider the perfect breakfast sandwich.

Your Sunriver Pines Vacation Rental

Everyone knows that the best brunches are the ones you create yourself, so why not stay in one morning and enjoy the comfort, luxuries, and amenities of your Sunriver Pines vacation home away from home a little more? Reserve yours today and you will understand why the best vacation rentals can make the best vacations even better!

Top Spots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Near Sunriver, Oregon

Sunriver is the perfect vacation location for those looking for natural beauty and rich nature preserves. While you are off visiting the forest trails and natural landmarks, make sure you take some time to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here is a list of the best dessert and sweets locations in Sunriver, Oregon.

Goody’s Chocolate

Manufacturing around 20 tons of chocolate a year, Goody’s is a staple to Sunriver since 1984. Every delicious item is gluten-free with no additives. Made in beautiful central Oregon, Goody’s chocolates and candies can be purchased by piece or pound. Satisfy your sweet tooth today!

La Magrie Bakery and Cafe

La Magrie Bakery and Café are serving up some local café style favorites in their cozy little restaurant. If you are looking for a sweeter option on their menu, we recommend either one of their fresh pastries made daily, like an apple turnover or a crumb bun, or one of their fresh made cookies or cupcakes. The bakery side of La Magrie makes amazing baked goods and custom cakes. These are amazing options for those looking to have a cake made for a special occasion on your vacation.

Powell’s Sweet Shoppe

Everyone probably has a childhood memory when they first entered a sweet shop. This candy store is pulled right out of Willy Wonka and makes you think you are in some type of dream. As a kid, you look around and are completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of candy around you. Visitors to Powell’s will literally feel like a kid in a candy store. Pick from any one of their amazing options to satisfy your intense candy cravings. Powell’s has pretty much all candy options. Take a look at their candy by decade chart to see if they have the best candies from your childhood, or maybe even something your grandparents remember eating. Have you tried an Idaho Spud or a Twin Bing? You can travel back in time with this candy heaven.

Top Restaurants in Sunriver

Sunriver, Oregon is quickly rivaling other ski resort towns as a popular vacation destination. Family friendly, with fun outdoors activities all year long, Sunriver offers not only great skiing in the winter but also amazing hiking, kayaking, and more in the summer. Although they are a growing resort town, Sunriver still manages to have a small-town feel, and their restaurants offer delicious foods while maintaining the quaint atmosphere. Below are our top restaurants in Sunriver!

Sunriver Brewing Company

The beer lover need look no further! Sunriver Brewing Company offers delicious cold beer accompanied by amazing food, all in the heart of Sunriver. Not only do they brew up their award-winning craft beers in house, but they also make all their sauces, salad dressings, and breads from scratch. Bring the whole family along! The kids can hang out in the “kid zone” while mom and dad enjoy a meal and a cold brew!

Cafe Sintra

A unique view on food combined with excellent service set Cafe Sintra apart! Inspired by European and Mediterranean cuisine, this restaurant is a must visit for both breakfast and lunch. The menu features American classics surrounded by more adventurous dishes, ensuring that everyone will find something they love!

Carson’s American Kitchen

Located in the beautiful Sunriver Resort Main Lodge, Carson’s American Kitchen is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Enjoy American fare with a Pacific Northwest twist, surrounded by some of the most beautiful views in Sunriver. Chef Travis Taylor is inspired by local and seasonal ingredients, always with a fun twist to keep guests guessing. For the adventurous food lover, Carson’s American Kitchen is a must stop!

South Bend Bistro

South Bend Bistro specializes in High Desert Cuisine, which is a uniquely-Oregon brand of high end food. Expect the types of dishes you would find in high class establishments: a delightfully diverse charcuterie plate, gazpacho soup, and entrees that include duck breast, New York strip, and decadent desserts. A perfectly paired wine list and spectacular customer service round out this wonderful dining experience.

Marcello’s Cucina Italiana

If you are looking for exceptional Italian food in Sunriver, look no further! Serving contemporary Italian food with an Oregon twist, Marcello’s prides itself on delicious food served fresh and with a smile! The highlight of the restaurant is the patio, which offers views of the mountains while you dine. Marcello’s is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine with a plate of excellent food in Sunriver!

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