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Adventure Seeker’s Journey to Sunriver

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We all have that one person in our lives that doesn’t seem happy unless they are conquering new thrills. Perhaps you are that one person, or perhaps it is your preteen daughter who lives to scare you with her adventure-seeking ways. Either way, vacations with thrill-seekers can be a nail-biting experience for those who seek out more mild forms of entertainment, and they can also be a battle; finding a happy balance with enough adventure for those beloved daredevils can be the most difficult part of your life! We at Sunriver Pines feel your pain and have compiled this guide for the best Sunriver, Oregon activities so you can the most amazing adventure to Sunriver. You can thank us by having the best time of your life!

Day 1: Your Arrival

Now generally our journey guides tend to express that day one is the best time to relax and unwind and get to know the comforts of your Sunriver Pines vacation escape, but we know the daredevil in your family won’t go for that, so after unpacking and grabbing a quick bite to eat, today’s adventure will be a small one that will be enjoyed by the entire family: a hike through the woods that surround your Sunriver abode, exploring the beauty of nature before the sun goes down. If you happen to be out while the sun is sinking into the horizon, be sure to stop and enjoy the show when exploring these Oregon adventures.

Day 2: No Rest for the Adventure Seeker

Don’t be surprised if the thrill-seeker in your life is up early and raring to go. And don’t worry, today’s adventure will use up some of that energy! Today’s journey will be of the two-wheeled variety; rent your bikes from Village Bike and Ski and head to the Sunriver Bike Path. Offering 34 miles of paved paths meant only for bikers and the occasional hiker, this adventure can be as wild or as mild as you want! Let the thrill-seeker take the trail at full speed while the less adventurous travelers take a slower pace and enjoy the scenery that is undeniably the best part of the ride in our minds!

Day 3: Taming the Rapids

Today’s journey takes us to the Deschutes River for the opportunity to ride the rapids. Sun Country Tours offers the opportunity to conquer Big Eddy, a class 3 rapid that thrills everyone who attempts it! Costing $49 for children and $59 for adults, the feel of the water spray in your face (and sometimes slipping under the collar of your shirt for a chilly thrill!) and the thrill of riding the roughest rapids is well worth the price, and it’s the perfect adventure for your favorite thrill-seeker!

Day 4: Exploring on Horseback

Sunriver Stables at 57215 River Road offers a barn full of steeds for your riding pleasure. From spirited stallions (that are still safe, moms!) to cute little ponies, there’s a horse for every skill level and a tour of the scenic landscape of Sunriver that never fails to awe. Take a 2-hour tour for $95 a person or take your tiniest thrill-seeker for a $20 pony ride. This adventure can be scaled to the heights you prefer! It’s definitely one of the best Sunriver, Oregon activities!

Day 5: Reach for the Stars

To truly get an idea of the glory of the Sunriver landscape, today we are heading for the skies with a helicopter ride from Big Mountain Heli Tours, soaring through the sky like a bird. And although the daredevil in your family will NOT be able to take over the controls, he or she will still rank up some cool points when they tell their friends they took a helicopter ride over a genuine volcano! The tour will take you over a volcano that has been dormant for over 7000 years and may be the highlight of your tour!

Day 6: Rock Climbing Adventures

On your final full day of adventure in Sunriver, we’re going to take a road trip to Smith Rock State Park for the opportunity to tackle the infamous Smith Rock and the Morning Glory Wall! Located on the warmer side of the mountain, this popular climbing spot is accessible to climbers of all skill levels, and for those who prefer to observe, it’s a great place to work on your tan!

Bring the Thrills to Bend for Your Last Day

Bend and Sunriver are so close they are practically the same town, so why not check out some of the adventures that can be had there on your 7th and final day in Oregon? For example, although it is not exactly a daredevil activity, the Cycle Pub, located in the Box Factory at 550 SW Industrial Way in Bend, offers an adventure that if done right, you may not ever remember; it is a multi-passenger “bike” that you pedal around town exploring some of the best pubs, bars, and restaurants in the area! Each tour lasts about two hours and allows riders 21 and over to BYOB; they even provide caddies for your growlers that can be refilled at the first stop of your pub tour! Hard alcohol is not allowed, but beer, wine, and hard cider are all acceptable beverages to be enjoyed the entire time you are pedaling! Once you are off the bike, however, the drinks must be left behind as you explore the restaurant or pubs that are on the tour! Requiring a minimum of four people on the smaller bikes and a maximum of 14 people on the larger bikes, this exciting adventure is perfect for a guys’ getaway, a bachelorette weekend, or a decent-sized family reunion! For those traveling with children, the rules allow for kids who are 12 years old and up to ride with Cycle Pub—without drinking alcohol, of course!

Chasing Waterfalls in Central Oregon

Another low-key adventure to be had in the Sunriver/Bend area involves hiking to some of our most beautiful waterfalls. Offering breathtaking photo opportunities, the selection of falls starting with the 97-foot-tall Tumalo Falls on Tumalo Creek and ending with Salt Creek Falls outside of Oakridge will add an extra sparkle to your already shining Sunriver getaway! And if you think the falls are gorgeous in the summer, in the fall their juxtaposition with the colorful autumn trees creates an unforgettable picture. In the winter, when cold enough, many of our local falls will freeze, creating a magical and icy winter wonder! Dress up in your brightest winter clothing and take a family photograph in front of the icy majesty of the frozen falls. If you want to kick up the excitement levels a few notches, ice climbing Tumalo Falls in the winter will definitely get your adrenaline pumping!

Book a Stay to Experience these Sunriver, Oregon Activities

As you pack away your belongings and begin to store your memories in secret corners of your mind, we hope that you have considered this week a success! And although there are adventures to be conquered in your Sunriver Pines vacation home, the comforts and luxury amenities we offer provide a great counterbalance to the thrills you will find during your stay! Reserve yours today and plan on coming back again for adventures of a milder kind; our epicurean adventures are always popular ones!