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Angler’s Delight Journey to Sunriver

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The natural beauty of our mountain town has us spending as much time as we can outside. We ski and snowshoe in the winter, swim and hike in the summer, and when the weather is right, we fish as often and as long as is possible. Nothing quiets our minds faster than a few hours spent with pole in hand exploring different Sunriver fishing spots, and if you’re of like mind, this guide to the ultimate Sunriver fishing journey has been written with you in mind! The next seven days of your life are about to be the best ones in recent history, especially when you choose to stay in one of our cozy Sunriver Pines vacation homes away from home!

Day 1: You’re Itching to Catch the Big One

Your long day of travel may have exhausted you physically, but mentally you are already sitting on the banks of that creek just outside your Sunriver Pines rental with pole in hand. While not all our homes are located close to a water source, you did your research, and here you are! If you brought your own pole and gear, we say go for it. Who knows? You just may catch tonight’s dinner!

Pizza is Always a Good Answer

Of course, the fish do not always cooperate, and after a long day of traveling you are probably more than ready for a hot meal, so how does pizza sound? Blondie’s Pizza, located at 57195 Beaver Drive, isn’t that far from your Sunriver Pines vacation escape and even offers free delivery after 5PM with an $18 minimum order! Offering a full menu of sandwiches, wraps, calzones, pasta, and of course pizza, enjoying a slice of their Holy Cow pizza is certain to take the sting out of not catching any fish! Topped with linguica, steak strips, sausage, pepperoni, and Canadian bacon, the name is definitely appropriate; the only question now is are you up to the challenge of consuming this meat lover’s pie!

Day 2: The Art of the Fly

Fly fishing takes talent, as does tying the proper fly, but you’ve got the experience and you can’t wait to experience a few hours at one of the 100 lakes that are in the area, so today is all about the solo trip. You enjoyed a taste of this last night as you cast your line from the dock, but today, we’re going deeper into the wild. Todd Lake is just around the corner and offers a quiet shoreline for a great Sunriver fishing experience—no boating, however, as fishing is illegal from boats on this lake! Grab your gear, find your spot, and wait for that trophy fish to jump on your line. It’s going to be a great day!

Get an Early Start

The best time to fish is in the early hours of the day, but if you want to linger longer, starting out your day with a hearty breakfast at The Breakfast Club at 378 NE Greenwood Avenue in Bend is highly recommended! Opening most days at 6 AM and closed on Mondays, The Breakfast Club offers hearty comfort food served in a laid-back environment. If you are looking for an oatmeal honey latte or a caramel frappuccino, this is NOT where you should go. This no-frills diner offers kielbasa skillets, pancake breakfasts, and the best cup of joe you have ever tasted in your life! Have a couple of cups to ensure you stay awake and alert during your fishing adventures in Bend and Sunriver.

Day 3: Just Add Boat

Your first day of Sunriver fishing by the shore was a great one, but today you’re interested in deeper waters, and a seaworthy vessel and Sunriver Marina has exactly what you are seeking. Motorboats are great, but this fishing trip is going to be an authentic experience as you row along the Deschutes River in a sweet little red canoe. Pick your spot and drop your line; today’s journey is going to be even better than yesterday’s!

Don’t Forget a Picnic Lunch

Let’s face it, a day spent fishing on the Deschutes is as close to paradise as you can imagine, and aside from catching your limit in fish, the only thing that will make it better is an amazing picnic lunch containing all your favorite foods! And although you can always throw together some sandwiches, toss in a bag of chips, and add a few beers, curbside pick-up available at the Base Camp Grill, 17355 Spring River Road in Sunriver, will allow you to have some of the best fried chicken in town during your day of fishing fun! Even better, bring along the growlers filled with your new favorite craft beers you took home after last night’s visit to Mountain Jug! Located at 56805 Venture Lane in Sunriver, Mountain Jug offers 12 taps that feature frequently rotating local brews, and if you show up on the right nights, the Food Cartel’s food truck will be there to serve food along with their delicious beers.

Day 4: Join in the Party

On day four of your Sunriver fishing journey, we leave the solitary experience behind and charter a guide for the day. The Hook Fly Shop Cascade Guides & Outfitters are here to help you find the hidden spots where the fish bite the most and give you some pointers on your fly fishing technique! You can never have too much help, and the guides at Hook have been in the business for a very long time. Besides, sometimes it’s more fun to explore these Sunriver fishing spots with a friend!

Day 5: Retail Therapy

Retail therapy doesn’t just involve shopping for new shoes; sometimes the best way to make a good day even better is with new equipment! Sunriver Fly Shop at 56805 Venture Lane is home to the latest reels and rods, colorful custom flies, and all kinds of exciting accessories guaranteed to improve your already impressive fly fishing skills!

Day 6: There’s No Place Like Your Sunriver Escape

Admit it, since you first walked into your Sunriver Pines Creekside escape, the thought of spending an entire day enjoying the amenities has been creeping through your mind, and we think that’s the best idea you’ve had all week! Rise before the sun and head down to the dock for an hour of angling followed by a viewing of Mother Nature’s most colorful show, then head back to that comfortable and warm bed for a nap that lasts until your hunger pangs awaken you again. Fry up one of those fresh-caught trout in our fully-equipped kitchen to be enjoyed with a hot cup of joe you brewed yourself before heading back out to the dock to see what midmorning luck you can find! Our homes are designed to be lived in, and today’s journey ensures you do just that!

Book a Stay to Experience Sunriver Fishing

As you ponder the last seven days of your life, you have to admit: Even though you will be sad to leave, you wouldn’t change a thing! Fitting in one last session at the dock and then packing up (including all the new gear you bought earlier) makes day seven a bittersweet one, but we hope to see you again soon. And remember, it’s never too late to start planning next year’s journey, so reserve your Sunriver Pines creek-side paradise today!