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Cheap Journey to Sunriver Central Oregon

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As travel costs rise higher, it can be prohibiting our desires to travel, but the need to get away and explore somewhere new will always be there. Fortunately, you have found your way to this guide that allows you to experience the wonder of Central Oregon without having to break the bank. We’ve compiled some tips and helpful advice that will make your journey to Sunriver central Oregon a cheap one that is fun, exciting, and will fulfill all your travel needs!

Day 1: A Visit to the Past

The beautiful landscape that surrounds you during your stay in Sunriver central Oregon once looked very different, as volcanoes dotted the region, spewing smoke, ash, and molten lava into the sky and creating part of what is today called the Newberry National Monument. Taking up over 54,000 acres and offering a chance to visit the past as you explore craters, cinder cones, and mountain peaks, the cost of visiting the past is a minimal one that will fit nicely into most travelers’ budgets!

Day 2: Artistic Displays

Not all shopping expeditions have to end with budget busting credit card bills, and when you take a tour of the art galleries located in Bend, you can walk away without spending a penny as you enjoy the beauty displayed on the walls! The Mockingbird Gallery on Wall Street, the Tumalo Art Gallery on Powerhouse Drive, and the Red Chair Gallery on Oregon Avenue are three spaces that will make you happier just by walking in their doors!

Day 3: Picnic by the Pond

Eating out can send vacation costs through the roof, but a picnic by the pond allows guests to enjoy a romantic experience without bemoaning the costs. Pick up all the supplies you need at the Sunriver Marketplace and head to Mirror Pond in Bend for a few hours of inexpensive excitement. Shaded throughout most of the day, summer visits will be cool and wonderful as you sip, savor, and enjoy the beauty of the pond; the reflection of the trees in the calm waters give you a hint as to how the pond got its name.

Day 4: All the Comforts of Home

It may surprise you to learn that the best part of your vacation on the cheap may be the place you rest your head each night. Our Sunriver Pines vacation escapes are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and easy on the bank account! Reserve yours today and discover that sometimes the simple and inexpensive moments are the ones that will stand out in your memories! Contact us!