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Oregon Family Friendly Journey to Sunriver

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We have the potential to see a lot of people in an average day, from coworkers to co-shoppers, bad drivers that make us angry on the freeways, and angry clients that make our work day seem long and tiresome, but there is one small group of people we see on a daily basis, a group that we do everything for and most everything with. We’re talking about family, of course, and because life often gets in the way of meaningful family time, the family vacation is where we recover all that is missed! If your family journey has you driving into the driveway of one of our Sunriver Pines family residences, this guide to Oregon family friendly experiences will ensure that every minute is filled with love, laughter, and excitement.

Day 1: Raring to Go

Every child has played the hot lava game at least once in their life, and the opportunity to visit where hot lava once flowed hot and furious is one you should not skip! The Lava River Cave located in Bend is the perfect spring and summer family adventure. Offering an easy but chilly 1-mile walk through a lava tube, seeing the aftereffects of a real-life hot lava flow will get your children’s imaginations buzzing!

Day 2: Giddy-Up Little Cowboy

Traveling with children can be difficult as you try to find things that interest both children and adults; a trail ride through the wild areas of Sunriver can be the solution. Youngsters can pretend their gentle steed is taking them on an adventure into untried territories, and parents can simply enjoy the beauty of the area. Sunriver Stables offers guided tours during the summer and winter sleigh rides that are romantic and fun!

Day 3: Sneak in a Little Shopping in Disguise!

It’s no secret that the shorter members of your nuclear family are not big fans of shopping, but the Village at Sunriver offers so many child friendly activities, you may be able to slip in to a cute little shop or two with out them noticing! Featuring miniature golf, bounce houses, bumper cars, a trackless train system, and even an in-house art studio that offers sessions for creative fun, will they even care if mom leaves dad at the helm for a few minutes? We don’t think so!

Day 4: Fun Near Home

SHARC Aquatic Center is the perfect way to spend an exciting day of fun with your family and free passes come with most of our rentals! Offering lazy rivers and heated pools, tot bubblers and spinning flowers, and a café for a little midday snack, this family friendly experience may end up being one of your favorites!

Day 5: The Options Are Limitless – Oregon Family Friendly Journey to Sunriver

Reserve your Sunriver Pines Oregon family cabin today and learn why our small mountain village is one of the most popular family destinations in the nation! Contact us!