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Spring Oregon Journey to Sunriver

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Spring in Oregon is such a bashful season, offering promises that we know Mother Nature will keep, especially in Sunriver, Oregon! Still cool, for the most part, the snow has begun to melt and the bright green growth of young flowers pushing their way through the rich dark soil makes us realize just how much we love our hometown. When your journey has your feet turned in the direction of Sunriver during springtime, this guide to adventures large and small will help make this getaway one you will never forget!

Day 1: One Last Ski Adventure

Yes, the calendar may show that spring has sprung, but diehard ski enthusiasts know that the season continues long into the spring! Mt. Bachelor, located in nearby Bend, has a ski season that goes on and on and on, lasting until late May in many cases, and during one memorable year (2017), continuing until the 4th of July! Offering lessons for the novice, Snowblast tubing, and so much more, the promise of a truly excellent spring ski trip is one we will keep!

Day 2: Just Around the Bend

You’ve begun to get a feel for how much this region has to offer and how close to Bend your Sunriver Pines spring Oregon hideaway is, so why not do a little more exploring, just around the “Bend?” Hike to Tumalo Falls for a photo opportunity or head over to the Oregon Badlands Wilderness area and discover a landscape that seems as if time forgot! Dormant volcanoes and rivers of hardened lava will make you feel as if you stepped out of 2021 and directly into your favorite dinosaur cartoon!

Day 3: Back to Sunriver and the Catch of the Day

This region of Oregon is known for its peaceful and rugged scenery, its refreshing craft beers, and for being a fisherman’s dream location! Fly fishing is big in Sunriver and the local rivers are filled with trophy fish that practically jump on your line! Fishing season opens the last weekend in April, so plan accordingly, or you just may find yourself sitting on the shore, watching the fish swim by without a pole in hand! Fishing licenses are required for fishermen and women 12 years of age and older; more info can be found online.

Spring into Beauty – Spring Oregon Journey to Sunriver

Your Spring Break escape may not be as wild and out of control as those in your college days, but we promise it will be far more fulfilling! Reserve your Sunriver Pines spring sanctuary today. Contact us!