When the winter months are on the horizon, it’s time to get ready for ski season. That means not only cleaning the cobwebs off your ski gear, but also planning ski trips. Mount Bachelor in Sunriver is the pinnacle of skiing in Central Oregon, with 3,700 skiable acres, 88 runs, and one of the longest ski seasons in the country. You want to get a jump on ski season, so here’s some helpful tips for having an amazing Sunriver ski trip.

Book Everything Early

You’re going to need accommodations while on your Sunriver ski trip, and that starts by booking your vacation rental with Sunriver Pines. Many people prefer the comforts and privacy of home as opposed to an impersonal hotel, and the ultimate way to enjoy Sunriver is to stay in one of our quality vacation rentals. Ski season in Sunriver is the busiest time of year, so you’ll want to book with us early to make sure you get a beautiful vacation property with the location and amenities you desire. It’s also highly advisable to book your flights, ground transportation, and any tour and spa reservations early.

Start Your Pre-Season Workouts

Skiing is a full body workout, and chances are that unless you’ve been working out all year, you’ll want to strengthen your ski muscles. Let’s face it – the more in shape you are, the more fun you’ll have on the slopes. Experts advise beginning your pre-season workouts a minimum of six weeks before your Sunriver ski trip. Prepare your cardiovascular system for endurance with aerobics like cycling, jumping rope, and jogging. Stretching exercises such as lunges will help you limber up. You’ll want to strengthen your ski muscles, so sit-ups, planks, squats, burpees, lateral side jumps, and the yoga “chair pose” are all excellent for getting ready for snow play in the mountains.

Prep Your Gear

You want your gear to be in top shape, and the first place to start is with waxing your skis. Remove the old wax first, then put on several generous coats of new wax. The more wax you have, the better the glide. Next, get your skis detuned. Basically, it’s removing any burrs and blunting the tips and tails so they don’t hook in the snow. You’ll want to shake out your boots, removing the foot beds and liners to make sure no crawly critters moved in during storage. Finally, have a pro do a function test on your bindings to make sure they’re releasing properly. This is especially important if you’ve lost or gained weight since last year, as you can blow out your knee if the bindings are set improperly.

Hit the Slopes

If you follow these simple recommendations, you’ll be set for a great Sunriver ski trip. Contact us at Sunriver Pines Vacation Homes today and we can provide you with your vacation rental and assist you in everything you need for the Sunriver ski trip of a lifetime. See you on the slopes!