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New Basin Distilling Company

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Everyone knows that Oregon is famous for great craft brews, as well as fine wines. But if you’re tired of that and want to try something new, check out New Basin Distilling Company, distillers of fine Oregon spirits! These guys were a bunch of drinking buddies who thought they could create something even better, and it turns out they were right. Come on down to Madras, Oregon, and sample something different!

Pick Your Poison

Do you prefer whiskey, gin, or vodka? Well, there’s no reason you have to choose just one when you come check out New Basin Distilling. They distill all three types of alcohol, and they do it with flair! Their Strong Whiskey, Stagger Gin, and First Cut Vodka are fast becoming Oregon favorites, and are now available in liquor stores throughout the state. But don’t take our word for it: come in and try some for yourself!

New Basin Distilling Company is open in the afternoons, Thursdays through Mondays. They also host occasional special events, so check their website, call, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates. Orders can also be placed on their website, and their blog offers great drink recipes to try. Share your favorite recipes with them when you visit, and maybe they’ll add yours to the blog too!

Authentically Oregonian

New Basin Distilling is a great example of Oregon’s culture at its best: hard-working, crafty, and creative. These guys show what is possible when people who really care about something come together, and work hard. The passion of these liquor artisans is something you’ll remember for a long time, especially when you bring home a bottle or two to prolong the magic!

Madras Adventures

New Basin Distilling is located about an hour’s drive from your Sunriver Pines vacation rental, so why not make a day of it and spend the day exploring some of the wonderful adventures this delightful town has to offer? A quiet few hours spent examining the Erickson Aircraft Collection, a small museum located in the Madras Municipal Airport, could quite possibly awaken the desire to become a pilot in one of your beloved offspring! Open every day except Mondays, from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM, this collection of planes includes fighter planes from over the decades, with one of the more unusual planes being the J2F-6 Duck from 1934, containing a literal duck-shaped addition painted onto the landing wheels area.

From there, a visit to the Pelton Dam will take your breath away. What is it about these not so simple manmade creations that enable us to enjoy the beauty of nature so much more? Built in 1958 and reaching 204 feet up into the clear blue skies, this magnificent example of architecture never fails to please. At the top, you can see for miles; from below, you can fish, camp, and become one with nature. It’s a win-win situation however you look at it!

Sometimes, it’s the simplest activities that can be the most impactful, and spending time in Sahalee Park may be just what you need before you head to New Basin Distilling for a beverage or two. There’s always some kind of event happening here—festivals celebrating the small community in which the park is located, parades, and art shows—but if nothing is happening on the day of your visit, that’s ok. A picnic in the park and some time spent admiring the beauty of the landscape will put you in the right mind for your favorite sips of whiskey later on!

And finally, there’s no food served in New Basin, so after your taste of the distillery, if you find yourself hungry, a stop at Mexico City and a taste of some of the best tacos in the world may be just what the doctor ordered! Colorful and exotic, Mexico City offers an authentic selection of enchiladas, burritos, and of course, the aforementioned tacos for your dining delight! Still feeling thirsty? Their margaritas go down quite smooth, their beers are cold and refreshing; all will quench your thirst quite nicely. For those who have enjoyed enough alcohol during their New Basin Distilling visit, the iced tea served here is always fresh and clear!

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New Basin Distillery

2063 NW Andrews Drive
Madras, OR 97741

(541) 980-4595