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Worthy Brewing Company Bend, Oregon

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Worthy Brewing Company is an iconic Bend brewery institution, home to fantastic beer, a scrumptious menu of pub-style fare, a charming beer garden with fire pits, charity pint nights that go toward local causes and charities, and live music during their annual summer concert series. Find out more below about what makes Worthy Brewing in Bend Oregon worthy of a visit during your time in Sunriver!

Good Food and Great Beer at Worthy Brewing in Bend Oregon

Worthy Brewing in Bend Oregon has an extensive selection of craft beer, from brews available all year long to special collaborative beers made with Oregon State University using Indie Hops. In between savoring the flavors of year-round beers like the Lights Out Stout, the award-winning Strata IPA, the Prefunk American Pale Ale, the Stoker Red Ale, the Easy Day Kolsch German-Style Ale, and their iconic Worthy IPA, there are a variety of seasonal and experimental beers to choose from.

From winter favorites like the Powder Keg Winter Ale and Dark Muse Imperial Stout to spring and summer classics like the Kama Citrus IPA and Farm Out Saison, Worthy Brewing Company’s seasonal beers will not disappoint. Beers made in collaboration with Oregon State University use palate-tickling hops to create a spectrum of beers, from the Breathe Easy Berliner Weisse to the Charcute-Rye Lager.

The brewery not only has remarkable house-brewed craft beer, but also has a delicious menu that even accommodates dining patrons with gluten-related dietary restrictions. Start off with something that will whet your appetite, like chicken wings or panko-crusted calamari, or something on the lighter side, like feta cheese-topped brussels sprouts or a refreshing salad. Then, try one of the restaurant’s incredible taco plates, ribs platters, fish and chips dish, stone hearth pizzas, or filling sandwiches and burgers.

You’ll find Worthy Brewing Company at 495 NE Bellvue Dr., Bend, OR 97701. You can also reach the brewery by phone at (541) 639-4776.

Worthy Brewing Company in Bend Oregon is open from 11:30am to 9:00am on Sunday through Thursday and from 11:30am to 10:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays, with varying hours for holidays.

Working Off Those Extra Calories in Sunriver

As much as we wish that vacation food and drink had no calories, the reality is that many of us come back from our trips looking a little fluffier than we did when we left! Now, we at Sunriver Pines think that you look perfect exactly the way you are, but if you’re feeling a little stir crazy or you are worried about all those delicious craft beers you consumed at Worthy Brewing Company in Bend Oregon, there’s plenty of ways you can work off those extra calories.

In the winter, skiing at Mt. Bachelor isn’t just a way to go fast and let off some steam; it’s also a way to burn off an extra 360 calories per hour! When winter releases its chilly grip, mountain biking is a popular sport here in the northwest. Rent a mountain bike from Village Bike & Ski and explore the over 40 miles of trails that allow an up close and personal look at the beauty of Sunriver. If you are traveling during the snowy season, however, don’t feel as if you need to take a pass on your favorite hobby; fat tire bikes, also rented by Village Bike & Ski, are designed to mow through the snow as easily as your teens can mow through a package of cookies!

One of our favorite ways of getting some exercise, however, is one you may not have thought of: We love to shop! On a cold day, on a rainy day, on a perfectly sunny day where we just want to move but in air-conditioned coolness, you’ll find us visiting the Village at Sunriver giving our credit cards a workout as well! Offering everything from the Artist’s Gallery to Your Store, you can walk your way through the alphabet of shops and burn off anywhere from 100 to 200 calories per hour. If you forgot to bring your walking shoes, Sunriver Sports is sure to have a pair that will make the walk a breeze!

Another way to burn off those calories while at the Village is to strap on a pair of ice skates and spend a romantic hour burning off a minimum of 633 calories, which equals approximately three IPAs at 200 calories a can! Coincidentally, the Village Bar & Grill sells alcohol and pub food and now that your workout is complete, you can enjoy a meal and a beer with no guilt!

Sunriver Pines – Your Guide to All Things Sunriver

To learn more about Worthy Brewing in Bend Oregon and other locales you won’t want to miss during your time in the Sunriver area, contact our team of reservation specialists by phone or email and ask about reserving your lodgings in one of our gorgeous vacation rental properties today!