If you look very carefully you can just see the start of our favorite fall holiday starting to make its presence known in spite of the heat and humidity out there! Fall clothing in shades of rust and gold is taking the place of the brightly colored and barely there summer styles, Halloween candies are filling the shelves, and the costumes can be found in the back of the stores. All Hallows Eve is just around the corner, and if you’re planning an October trip to Stowe, here are some Sunriver events you can attend during your stay!

Halloween in the Village, 57100 Beaver Drive

At Halloween, there’s good scary and bad scary. Good scary is visiting haunted houses, wearing your best bloody zombie costumes, and convincing your best friend that it was a real “live” ghost you saw at the end of the street; bad scary is the fear that all parents have that something dangerous will happen to their kids when running the streets at night. Halloween in the Village eliminates the bad scary, allowing kids to trick or treat in a safe environment, take part in costume contests, play in a bounce house, and so much more Sunriver events! This free event is a local favorite, and when you participate, you’ll see why!

The Scaregrounds, 3800 Sw Airport Way, Parking Lot A, Redmond and Other Sunriver Events

For more of the good scary, you’ll want to get in your car and drive a little way to nearby Redmond and the frightfully fantastic Scaregrounds! This “haunted house” held at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds offers a different scare every year, and since they haven’t announced this year’s show yet, we CAN tell you that last year’s special effects and 3D renderings scared us silly! We can’t wait to see how they do it again.

Have a Spooky Good Time in Your Sunriver Pines Vacation Getaway

You don’t always have to go out to have a good time; some of our best Halloween memories were made at home, and when you stay in a Sunriver Pines vacation rental, you can experience your own spooky, yet magical Halloween night. Start the evening right with a pizza from Blondie’s Pizza, pour yourself some wine, enjoy our amenities and tune the television to an all-night scary movie marathon! We won’t judge you for going to sleep with all the lights on; scary movies freak us out, too! Reserve your Sunriver Pines getaway today—you deserve to be spoiled!