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Fall River Falls Hike

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Isn’t it wonderful how the appearance of a waterfall can make a hike suddenly seem easier and more beautiful than just minutes before? You may have been already hiking along happily (we tend to trudge, but that may be due to much indoor time and not nearly enough outdoor time!) when you hear the first sounds of said waterfall and you start to walk quicker, eager to feel the spray against your skin. As you move closer, the roar gets louder, and you begin to feel the first signs of moisture in the air. And then suddenly, there it is! In this case, it’s the Fall River Falls you spy, a smaller waterfall never to be confused with the ones at Niagara, but a waterfall all the same.

The Waterfall Effect

The hike you have taken to get to the Fall River Falls is an easy one, but a little long, at 5.9 miles, so if you are bringing young children with you, be prepared to piggyback! Tweens and teens should have no problem, however. This river trail is popular with runners and mountain bikers, so stay vigilant and prepare to leap out of the way for others who may not be as careful as you. Because not all members of your family may agree that hiking to a waterfall is a good thing, feel free to leave the grumpiest behind; the fishing is great along the river and may just bring a smile to a certain someone’s face.

Accessible from April through November, our icy and snowy winters make it unsafe, but the wildflowers that are visible in the spring make it worth the wait. There’s no need for leashes on this pet friendly trail, but if your dog is skittish around strangers, a leash may be a good idea. While not heavily trafficked, the Fall River Falls trail does attract a decent number of hikers and bikers during the warm summer months. As always, remember to clean up after Fido; it’s the courteous thing to do!

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