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North Fork Trail Hike

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The thing we love most about living in Sunriver is the thing that attracts people from all over the world to our mountain village: the stunning and majestic beauty of the Oregon landscape and all the attractions it has to offer. We never tire of looking up at the mountains standing guard in the background, admiring a beautiful wildflower growing along a trail in the spring, or watching the leaves on the trees turn to a fiery crimson or gold, and the more opportunities we have to get out of our offices and homes and into the great outdoors, the more we love it! Hiking the North Fork Trail is an outdoor experience that, while it may not change your life, will most definitely enhance it.

This Trail is Rated Difficult

While most of the trails we talk about range from easy to moderate at the most, the North Fork Trail is one that should only be attempted by experienced hikers. Located about 11 miles outside of Bend in the Umatilla National Forest near Weston, Oregon, it is 17.6 miles long and has an elevation gain of 4589 feet. That’s right, folks, this trail goes straight up, even if it takes a roundabout way to do so! Parents with babies, toddlers, or tweens should find a different trail, and even families with teenagers might want to look elsewhere, especially if the teenagers have little or no hiking experience. This trail is best for couples, friends, or single people who are in good physical shape and enjoy working for their rewards-and rewards there will be!

The views as you hike through densely wooded areas will make you fall in love, especially the parts where the river bubbles merrily along side you. When you reach the summit, all your worldly problems will disappear as your eager eyes take in a landscape that will take your breath away! Leashed dogs are allowed to share in the joys of the views on this trail as well, but if your dog is the adorably lazy type who spends his life looking for his next napping place, you might want to leave him at home. Accessible from June through September, the nature enthusiasts you encounter along the way won’t all be hikers; mountain bikers enjoy the challenges of the North Fork Trail as much as the hikers and backpackers do!

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