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Paulina Creek Falls Hike

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The beauty of an Oregon vacation lies in the stunning natural landscape that we can never take for granted. Every morning, as we head to our cars to begin the daily grind, we all pause, almost in unison, and glance up at the mountains that stand like majestic sentries in the background. The smiles that briefly touch our lips will grow even larger when the weekend arrives and we are able to play outside as much as we like, enjoying skiing in the winter, biking year-round, and hiking the plethora of trails that cross the Oregon countryside, including the Paulina Falls Hike. We almost envy you for getting to experience this wonderful hike for the first time!

Paulina Creek Falls: Serenely Beautiful

Although the trail is rated as one good for hikers with moderate skills, it may still be a little more difficult than you planned. It’s hard to walk fast and safe when you are looking upwards the entire hike! Paulina Creek Falls are not large like some of the other waterfalls in the area, but that doesn’t make them any less scenic. White water rushing over craggy rocks before crashing to the river below makes this hike one of our favorites. Small wooden bridges offer protection from the water, while tall green trees provide shade from above.

Lasting only 5 miles, your teens and tweens will handle it well, but if you have younger children or are traveling with your elderly parents, this is one trail you may have to skip this time. The 550+ elevation increase may hinder those with breathing issues, and the uneven paths will not handle strollers well. Popular with runners in the milder months and cross-country skiers in the winter, this trail is accessible year-round and welcomes your leashed pets-just remember to clean up after them!

Nature lovers will appreciate the beauty and charm of the Paulina Creek Falls Trail. Colorful wildflowers bloom well in the spring and a large variety of birds make their home here. Download a birding app on your smart phone and try to keep track of all the different species you spy.

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Nothing feels better than a soak in that hot tub after a long day of hiking, so make sure the vacation home you rent includes one!