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Steelhead Falls Hike

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When you look back on your Oregon vacation in years to come, what do you think will be the strongest memories? The foods you tasted at the different restaurants? The hours you spent on the ski slopes, feeling the cold mountain air turn your cheeks pink as you rode up the lift one more time? Or the hikes you took, witnessing the landscape of Sunriver spreading out before you for miles, with the mountains standing guard over creeks, lakes, and waterfalls? We’re betting the last is what you will remember best, especially when you follow the Steelhead Falls Trail to paradise!

Waterfalls and Rainbows on the Steelhead Falls Trail

Summers can be hot in Oregon, but a nice hike along waterfalls and beside creeks and rivers can be all that’s needed to cool you down. The Steelhead Falls Hike is a short one (2 miles in total) with very little gain in elevation, making it a perfect hike to take with family. Fill a backpack with a light lunch and plan on a picnic beside the falls. Tall trees will shade you as the spray from the water lightly dampens your hair and cheeks. Young babies will fall asleep to the music of the falls, while your tweens will run mild, looking for tadpoles and other water creatures as they wade in the shallow waters of the creek.

Waterfalls are famous for the rainbows they bring, so take the time to seek out rainbows that make you smile as you continue your hike. Those who are staying in one of our Sunriver Pines pet friendly rentals will be happy to know that this trail welcomes fur babies as well. Keep them on the leash though, and as always, remember to clean up after them; everyone wants to enjoy their day at Steelhead Falls without having to worry about stepping in something undesirable! Fortunately, this simple trail doesn’t have a lot of visitors, and if you visit during the week, you will may just have the entire two miles to yourself, allowing you to have a morning of peace, quiet, and wonderment.

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