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El Caporal Sunriver

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The secret to a long and happy life, as we see it, is to love strongly, laugh often, and eat authentic Mexican food as often as possible! A good Mexican meal can sometimes do the impossible, and the dishes served at El Caporal Sunriver can quite possibly change the world! Moderately priced and authentically prepared, their extensive menu offers something for everyone. If you have never tried Mexican food before, now may NOT be the time to start; one taste of the deliciousness served here, and you will be spoiled forever.

Located at 57100 Beaver Drive in Sunriver

Open seven days of the week from 11AM until 10 or 11PM, the exterior of this Latin paradise blends into the wooded landscape in a way their food could never blend in, but the red trim against the tan base does offer a bit of showmanship. Inside, a combination of warm wood tables and chairs and comfortable booths contrasts nicely with the gold walls and colorful Mexican accessories. An outside patio area often has its own waiting list on busy nights and weekends; there’s just something wonderful about sipping margaritas and dipping chips in salsa outside under the cool evening sky.

Cheese and Salsa and So Much Goodness!

The menu at El Caporal is designed to please, and it does it oh, so well! Be sure to wear your pants with the stretchy waist when visiting; you’re going to need them!

The appetizer menu is almost as large as the regular menu, making this a good spot for happy hours. It features such wonders as fresh-made guacamole, nachos, quesadillas, chicken nachos, Mexican pizza, and SUPER Nachos-yeah, we are enamored with the nachos, in case you couldn’t tell!

El Caporal has an extensive lunch menu as well, offering everything you see on the dinner menu, only in smaller portions and with reduced prices. If you are a person who has trouble making decisions, you might want to try a different Mexican restaurant, as the chef at El Caporal likes to give you choices-LOTS and lots of choices! Offering everything from tacos to burritos to enchiladas to salads and combination dishes that feature a bit of this and a bit of that, we’ve yet to make our way completely through the menu, nor have we ever had a bad meal!

Finally, if there is room after the margaritas (you HAVE to try their margaritas!) you need to sample their desserts, even if you have to share one with all the members of your party; the Chimichanga Manzana & Strawberry will change your life! You can then retreat for a good’s night sleep in one of our cozy and comfortable vacation rental properties!