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In Sunriver, Oregon, you will find no shortage of character. You can find it in the beautiful wilderness that surrounds, amidst the streets of town, and within each member of the local community. You can especially find it in one of the favorite local establishments, Goody’s Soda Fountain & Candy Store. Here, this character manifests itself in a unique atmosphere and some awesome treats.

So Much to Love About Goody’s

From the moment you walk up to Goody’s, your day cannot help but to get a little better. The experience starts off with this charming storefront of stone pillars, wooden accents, and massive windows through which you can see endless treats pristinely laid out for your perusal. When you enter, smells of baked goods and roasted coffee produce a feeling of comfort and overall bliss.

There is something for everyone at Goody’s. It is a great place to start your day with the aforementioned local coffee. Get a piping cappuccino for winter mornings or get some seriously good cold brew for those sunny summer days. To go with this morning pick-me-up, you can get a variety of scones, pastries, and muffins.

Then of course, there are the sweets! You can find something to curb that sweet tooth in many forms, and you can be sure that it is all homemade and uniquely delicious. The milkshakes are among the most popular options here, as they are thick and creamy; any milkshake is only as good as the ice cream that it is made with, which is no problem here because this ice cream is homemade and among the best in town. Go with a classic like chocolate or vanilla or get something unique that you can only find at Goody’s. Then comes an infinite array of homemade candies-from chocolates and taffy to fruity hard candies and caramel corn. You can also find a sweet treat in liquid form with their homemade sodas. Unlike many bars in Sunriver, this one is for the whole family, and the fresh drinks that they provide are sure to be among the best that you have ever tried.

Visiting Goody’s Soda Fountain & Candy Store

Since it’s opening, Goody’s has been an obligatory part of any vacation to Sunriver, as it has been a wonderful pillar of this community for the locals. Its main function is to provide a slight improvement to the day of anyone who walks through the doors. You can find Goody’s Soda Fountain and Candy Store at 57100 Beaver Dr. Ready to pack your

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