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Hola Sunriver

Hola Sunriver is one of the five Hola locations that have become immensely popular in Central Oregon. There are many reasons for this popularity among central Oregon restaurants, such as amazing service and a friendly atmosphere. But most of all, they are doing something truly unique here. It is for this reason and for a few others that you are sure to fall in love with this charming restaurant in beautiful Sunriver, Oregon.

Incredible Cuisine at Hola Sunriver

The food at Hola Sunriver is focused on both Mexican and Peruvian Cuisine, with some Northwest flavors thrown in to the Mexican food Ben Oregon make it especially unique. The menu features an extensive list of delicious Peruvian dishes. Perhaps one of the most notable of these is the Aji de Gallina, which consists of shredded chicken and peas in a delightful Peruvian Ahi chile sauce. The other half of the menu is made up of authentic Mexican cuisine, which is a favorite for many of the restaurant’s visitors. Among the most popular of these dishes is the expertly prepared Shrimp al Tequila. Bold Mexican flavors come from chipotle chiles and anejo tequila marinating Pacific prawns with mushrooms, onions, and bananas. This is a great dish because you simply need to try it to even wrap your head around the amazing flavor. You will find these complex dishes at amazing values averaging around $20.

You are also sure to love what the staff here calls the liquid kitchen. This is where mixologists make flavors that you have never experienced come to life. There are endless unique takes on the classic margarita, of course, like the Vanilla Margarita, which features vanilla bean-infused tequila. There are countless more amazing drinks so there is something for everyone.

A Place You Will Love

The philosophy here focuses so much on great Mexican food Ben Oregon, but there are certainly more aspects to a visit here that make it something truly special. The importance of the location cannot be overstated. This charming restaurant is situated right on the banks of the Deschutes River. Nothing quite beats taking a load off in this high-energy and welcoming restaurant after a long day of exploring this beautiful area. A better end to a day could not be imagined.

The hours change with the seasons, so it is always a good idea to call ahead at (541) 593-8880 and reserve a table with a view! Head over to their spot at 57235 River Rd. Sunriver, OR 97707 for something new and unique that you will never forget.