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McDivots Café

Although skiing is the primary sport for Sunriver, there’s a variety of activities to participate in throughout the year. From hiking and biking to jogging and golf, we can promise an activity that will please all members of the family—and we can also promise a good meal to stave off those hunger pangs after a round of golf when you stop in to McDivots Café. Found inside Sunriver Resort, right next to the putting greens at Woodlands Golf Course, it’s the perfect way to extend a fun day of chasing that dimpled white ball around the emerald green lawns of the course!

Serving Breakfast and Sunriver Coffee at The 19th Hole

We’re not going to lie: Sometimes a visit to what is popularly known as the 19th hole can be the best part of a bad day on the links, but McDivots Cafe offers a good time any time you visit. Serving breakfast foods and local Sunriver coffee that will keep the serious golfer well fueled for the day ahead of him or her, the breakfast sandwiches they serve may not be fancy, but they certainly are delicious! And we speak from experience when we say starting out your round of golf with a mimosa takes the sting out of landing the ball in the water hazard; have two and you just won’t care!

Lunch is when this popular, but still quiet spot garners the most attention. Serving thick and juicy burgers, hot and crispy fries, fish sandwiches, and a variety of other snacks and beverages, it’s the perfect place to take a break between rounds. Also serving alcohol, the atmosphere is convivial, as frustrated golfers tell their tales to commiserating friends, and as per tradition, the golfers who are lucky enough to have made a hole-in-one purchase a round of drinks for everyone in the thankfully cozy café! We’ve never understood that particular tradition, but as long as we aren’t the ones who having to buy the drinks, we’re good with it!

An outdoor patio is crowded on good weather days, and the placement allows for boisterous patrons unafraid of disturbing the golfers still out on the course. The season ends and McDivot’s closes October 14th, but they will be open daily once more in the spring!

Satisfied and Pleasantly Tired

It’s time to head back to your Sunriver Pines vacation escape. Designed for families, the magical memories made here will be the highlight of your Sunriver golf vacation! Sleep late in cloud soft beds, enjoy your favorite beverage on the deck as you watch the sun set over Mt. Bachelor, and spend evenings playing games with the family in front of a roaring fire. Reserve yours today and discover the difference our excellent accommodations can make in your Sunriver getaway!