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Sunny Yoga Kitchen

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You are visiting Bend, Oregon, and before you begin a day of enjoying the many attractions the area has to offer you want to nourish your mind and body. Why not stop by the Sunny Yoga Kitchen, where you can energize and renew your soul with a yoga class followed by a meal made with organic and sustainable food.

Yoga Classes at the Sunny Yoga Kitchen

The yoga classes offered are scheduled around meal times. There are several different types of yoga practices available, including Vinyasa, which concentrates on moving your body with a connection to your breath, and Yin/Yang, which is a long class that starts with a soft yin style of yoga and gradually builds up to the Vinyasa style. They even offer the unique class Yoga of 12 Step Recovery, which incorporates the philosophies of Alcoholics Anonymous into the practice.


You will never feel quite as well as you will after a morning of yoga followed by a super healthy breakfast from Sunny’s kitchen. The Sunny Yoga Kitchen menu offers some delicious bowls, such as The Summit, which combines fresh veggies, garbanzo beans and quinoa with a fabulous coconut curry sauce. The Grateful Bowl incorporates brown rice with tasty sweet potatoes, carrots and cabbage with creamy avocados and flavorful tempeh.

If you prefer a sandwich, they make a fantastic veggie burger that is topped with walnuts, spinach, provolone cheese and a delectable spicy mayonnaise. They also have a fried egg sandwich that is topped with cheese, arugula and tiny, spicy peppers. Salads include a nutritious kale and arugula that comes with a very palatable apple cider vinaigrette. They also offer several green juices.

Even the desserts are good for you at this place. They offer a pecan almond bar and a creamy chocolate avocado mousse. Be sure to enjoy your meal with a cup of the rich and dark Back porch coffee or a glass of organic wine or beer.

Where to Stay

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