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Best Happy Hour in Bend: Twisted River Tavern in Sunriver

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There is a restaurant for every occasion in Sunriver, Oregon. The Twisted River Tavern in Sunriver happens to be a restaurant that can satisfy pretty much every occasion. It is a place that can offer a fine dining experience to one table and a casual night out at the bar for the next table. This is accomplished by personalized service, amazing food, drinks, and a beautiful location. This is sure to become your favorite spot in Sunriver, as it has for so many before you.

Great Food, Great Drinks, the Best Happy Hour in Bend

The word “tavern” is not necessarily associated with great food, but after a visit here, you will consider the two linked forever. Chef Travis Taylor continue work tirelessly to ensure that this menu provides the very best tavern food that their visitors have ever had. You will find awesome food that you would expect to find in a tavern, like delicious chicken wings, burgers, and an epic plate of nachos, along with some items that you might not expect—roasted cauliflower, a garden beet salad, and a pork belly carbonara pasta featuring local pork, mushrooms, fresh parmesan, a poached egg, and cream. Starters and appetizers cost around $12 to $15, while these well-portioned entrees sit around $20.

The food is amazing, but people flock to the Twisted River Tavern because you will find a drink menu here unlike any in town and on of the best happy hour in Bend. To put it simply, they take a good drink very seriously here. The Marionberry Whiskey Smash features Bulleit Whiskey, marionberry puree, triple sec, and orange juice. This is the first thing on the drink menu and it sets the tone for what you will find as you read through the other amazing concoctions that you have never heard of before. Of course, you will also find countless beers on tap and an extensive international wine list.

A Gorgeous Place to Enjoy Friends and Family

The incredible food and drink here brings in countless people every week. But so many people also come here for the incredible ambiance. This is cultivated by massive ceiling, beautiful wooden beams, and most importantly, massive windows revealing this stunning area. The Twisted River Tavern in Sunriver lives up to its name as it lies on the banks of a lovely creek. Simply put, this is just a fun place to spend an afternoon or evening with the people you care about.

Great food and drink is only a part of the experience here. Visit them at 17600 Center Dr Sunriver, OR 97707 while on your Sunriver vacation to find what you love about the Twisted River Tavern.