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Advanced Runs and Sunriver Skiing for the Expert Skier

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Thrill seekers are never satisfied with the status quo, always looking for something bigger and better—another mountain to conquer, another jump to vanquish. And when it’s time for these thrill seekers to start planning their next ski vacation, their attention turns to skiing in Oregon at the Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort located just outside Sunriver, Oregon. With over 55% of the runs designed to challenge the top skiers in the country, the 6th largest resort in the US provides the adrenaline rush the expert skier is seeking.

Sunriver Skiing Mountain Stats

Not “built” for the timid, the summit of Mt. Bachelor is over 9000 feet high and offers the highest chairlift in the Northwest; the Summit Express takes the most skilled skiers and snowboarders to the top. The resort features over 4000 skiable acres with 101 runs—30 of these runs are black diamonds and 20 are double black diamonds, making this challenging mountain the perfect conquest. Popular with skiers of all skill levels, arriving early is recommended, as the lift lines soon become extensive.

The Expert Runs

Now that you have reached the summit, you have your choice of runs to get your blood pumping. Many people start by heading down the west side of the mountain to get warmed up, but our thrill-seeking guests often make their way to the Cirque run for the most extreme fun. Offering views that will take your breath away and vertical drops that do the same, we’ve yet to meet a skier who hasn’t been challenged by this double black diamond run. The Serengeti Plains run, also reached from the summit, is a long one, lasting nearly 3000 feet, ensuring you get your money’s worth from your day on the slopes. Sunriver skiing offers other popular runs for the expert and professional set include the Upper Plains and Deadwood Canyon runs; taking the Upper Plains to the Deadwood Canyon and then the West Catchline makes for a nice long run and brings you back to the boarding spot of the Summit Express for another trip to the top.

Take Time to Eat

We get it, skiing is your life, and any moments spent away from the slopes are wasted ones in your mind! But your body needs fuel to perform at its finest, and the mountain provides here as well, offering a variety of spots for you to fuel up without having to go far. XC Café, in the Nordic Lodge, is one of the most popular places on Mt. Bachelor, offering made to order burritos, hearty sandwiches, and hot beverages that will warm your fingers and your soul! There is nothing more wonderful than sipping hot cocoa on a wintry day, and XC Café has some of the best in the state. They also offer draft beer, if you are interested in warming up from the inside out, and the views from the deck of the Nordic Lodge allow you to keep your focus on the slopes.

Some days are colder than others, just as waking up can be more challenging at times, and Pinnacle Espresso has the caffeine to energize and the heat to warm even on the coldest days of the year! Still feeling sluggish, even after the jolt offered by a shot of espresso? Their sweet treats will sweeten your temperament as they give your energy levels a much needed and very appreciated boost!

Bad Weather at the Top? No Problem!

It doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend the day inside when bad weather keeps skiers away from the summit of Mt. Bachelor; there’s more challenges to be had when you take the Outback and Northwest Express to the protected side of the mountain, and if that’s not enough of a challenge for our favorite adrenaline junkies, snowboarders can spend some time on the natural half pipes created by the lava that once flowed from the volcano thousands of years ago!

Feeling the Burn?

Here’s the deal: The most experienced skiers seem to push themselves them the hardest, and no matter how great of shape you are in, you are still destined to feel the burn that will set in during the moments after you have schussed your last schuss for the day! These pains can get in the way of a good day skiing, so be sure to make use of the hot tub that can be found in most of our Sunriver Pines ski “chalets.” If that does not do it for you, a visit to any of the massage places in town should be exactly what the doctor ordered! Esther’s Glow Massage, 56870 Venture Lane Suite 101S, offers a Swedish massage package that is designed to get all the kinks out and leaving you feeling limp, relaxed, and of course, glowing! Add in a good night’s sleep in one of our soft beds and you will be up with the sun, raring to attempt another day on the slopes, almost as if there was not any pain to begin with!

Warm Up in Style

Our Sunriver Pines cabins and homes are designed to keep you warm and cozy after a day of skiing in Oregon. Reserve yours today and discover a safe place to land during your Oregon ski journey.