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Beginner Sunriver Skier Guide

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As you start planning your winter vacation to Sunriver, Oregon, you may find yourself wondering if this will be the year that you face your fears and finally take the first steps toward to realizing a lifelong dream. Will this be the year you learn to ski? Maybe you’ve never lived near the mountains, or maybe you’ve worried that your talents lie in other areas, or maybe you haven’t even thought about it much at all. Whichever category you fall under, we do think it IS time to learn, and partake in one of the best Sunriver winter activities. Let this beginner’s ski guide help you make that choice!

Welcome to Your Newest Addiction

If this is your first foray into the world of skiing, we just want to welcome you to your newest addiction! Once started, skiing gets into your blood, changing you forever! And although it’s not easy at first (Is anything worth doing simple?), that first time you manage to make it to the bottom without falling is guaranteed to give you a rush you won’t ever forget. The cold air nipping at your cheeks, the glare of the sun adding some pink there as well, and even the victory of conquering the chair lift—all these moments will blend together creating a day filled with wonder and cheer.

In these early days of learning the sport, however, you have to remember to keep your energy up, and generally that means starting with a healthy and hearty breakfast! If you forgot to ingest more than a cup of a joe and a slice of toast this morning, or even if you were just so eager to get started you left your Sunriver Pines vacation rental without sampling a bite of the breakfast your favorite traveling partner slaved over, it’s ok! Cocoa’s Café and Corner Bar opens at 8:00, and their breakfast burritos are the perfect hand food! And, as you can imagine, their hot cocoa is a chocolate lovers dream come true. Hot, frothy, creamy, and sweet, we have been known to visit Mt. Bachelor just to sample their cocoa!

There’s Plenty of Sunriver Rental Options if you don’t own Equipment

Not a problem! Renting equipment is generally better as a novice or beginner skier because you never know if this new sport is something you’ll really be able to get into. Shops like 4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters and Village Bike and Ski have everything you need for your day on the slopes! Mt. Bachelor also offers a full service ski equipment shop, but their prices tend to be a little higher than the shops you find in town.

Approximately 15% of the Runs at Mt. Bachelor are for Beginner

With over 4000 skiable acres, that 15% offers you quite a few options! The East Side of the Mountain offers the most green circle runs (A green circle denotes runs for beginners, blue squares for intermediates, and black and double black diamonds for experts and crazy daredevils!) and are very clearly marked so novices don’t find themselves accidentally risking their lives on an extreme run! The Sunrise Express Quad will always be your best start, taking you to fun trails like Marshmallow and Leeway, designed to gently introduce unsure skiers to one of the best Sunriver winter activities!

Before You Head Off on Your Own

It’s important to take lessons. The tips and tricks taught by the professionals will help you not just in the beginning but as you make your way through the different ski experience levels. The ski classes offered on Mt. Bachelor are taught by the best skiers in town and you will have a choice as to the type of class you take. Offering group classes that are divided into skill levels, you never have to worry that your inexperience will be laughed at or ridiculed; everyone in your class will be novices!

Massage for the Win

Even if you never fall during your first experiences on the slope (and we talk more about that below!), when you make your final jaunt down the slope at closing time, you are soon guaranteed to discover aches and pains in places you never noticed before, and those aches are only going to intensify overnight, which is why we consider a good massage an essential tool for the novice skier! Earth Touch Massage, located at 56880 Venture Lane in Sunriver, offers a variety of packages designed to lessen the aches as they renew your flagging energy. Their hot stone therapy not only loosens the kinks; it warms a body and gets the blood flowing so you can get up the next day and start the whole process all over again. Massage Sunriver, 57080 Beaver Drive, offers 30-minute sessions for those who just can’t find it in themselves to spend an entire hour away from the slopes. Also offering reflexology, relaxation, and pregnancy packages, this is a place your entire family will enjoy, even if they aren’t skiing!

Plan on a Few Falls and Bruises

It happens all the time in the beginning stages, but you are lucky enough and smart enough to have chosen a great vacation rental to rest and recuperate in! Our Sunriver rental homes offer soft furnishings that will pamper your tender backside. Private hot tubs in some, deep soaking tubs in the bathrooms of others, and fireplaces in most help warm your chilly core— view our homes available to rent and reserve your stay today!