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How to Ski Safe in Sunriver

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You’ve been waiting for your ski trip to Sunriver and the Mount Bachelor ski area for a very long time. Your Sunriver Pines vacation accommodations have been reserved, your lift tickets have been purchased, and your ski gear, including that stylish new ski jacket and pants, are packed and waiting. This year’s vacation promises to be the trip of a lifetime, but wouldn’t it be a shame if it all ended before you barely made your first trip down the slopes? Accidents happen, and if you aren’t prepared, your dream vacation could end up being nothing more than a long week spent by the fire waiting for your friends to finish their runs every day. Safety is an important consideration on every trip, but never more so than when traveling at breakneck speeds wearing a pair of sticks on your feet. Here are some important safety tips you should remember in order to ski safe on your trip!

Don’t Tempt Fate and Ski Safe

If you have recently suffered an injury or are still recovering from an illness, you might want to re-think the slopes this year. Skiing is a strenuous activity, and if your bones and muscles are still weak from a recent injury, it won’t take much to do more damage. And while a simple cold or minor bug won’t be enough to keep you down, a serious illness or being recently diagnosed with a severe medical condition should have you reconsidering this specific ski journey.

Hypothermia is a Real Possibility

The blue of that new ski suit brings out the blue in your eyes, and the way it adheres to all your girly curves (or stretches across your broad and manly chest!) will definitely increase your odds for enjoying an après ski drink for two, but if its not warm enough and doesn’t breathe, hypothermia is a very real risk. Dress in layers, starting with long johns made from merino wool (today’s wool is soft and comfortable without any of that itchiness you remember from long ago) and go from there. And remember, most of the body’s heat escapes from the head, so a warm hat is very important!

Garage Sales May NOT Be the Right Place to Purchase Your Gear

Yes, you can find some great deals when driving around your neighborhood, but how much do you know about those skis you bought at a bargain price? If you can’t afford to purchase new equipment, consider renting. Mt. Bachelor has a ski rental store right on the mountain, and there are many stores in Sunriver and nearby Bend that can rent you what you need for reasonable prices. And because you are renting from knowledgeable staff, they can help make sure that the equipment fits correctly and is top condition before you set foot on the slopes! And because the sun reflecting off the bright, white snow can make it difficult to see AND lead to a pretty nasty sunburn, tinted goggles and sunscreen are important additions to your ski gear checklist.

Refresher Classes Can Be Key to Your Safety

If it has been awhile since you’ve shredded the slopes, refresher courses (also offered at Mt. Bachelor) can be an excellent idea, and of course, if you have never skied before, don’t rely on your partner to teach you the ropes. Beginner classes aren’t just for kids; they offer adult classes as well!

And Finally

Know your limitations. The Mount Bachelor ski area is very welcoming, but just because you reached the bottom of the green circle run without falling doesn’t mean you are ready for that double black diamond run! Get comfortable on the green circle, then move on to the blue square and find your bearings there. It may be a few ski trips before you are ready to tackle the black diamonds, but you’ll still have a lot of fun practicing!

Warm Up in Style

The lifts are closed for the day, you’ve had your après ski date and dinner, and now its time to head back to your Sunriver Pines cozy cabin for a night of warmth, some really deep sleep, and maybe a dip in the hot tub to loosen tight muscles before you start anew tomorrow! Reserve yours today!