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Intermediate Sunriver Skiing Guide

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The beauty of visiting Sunriver is knowing its charm transcends all seasons. Our fair city is lush and vibrant in summer and spring, colorful and rich in the fall, and starkly beautiful when covered with a blanket of snow in the winter. Our mountain village is a popular place at all times of the year, but in the winter when the snow falls on Mt. Bachelor, skiers of all ski levels put on their colorful winter best and flock to the slopes for some of the best Bend skiing has to offer.

From novice skiers attempting the bunny slopes for the very first time to the intermediate level skiers who still haven’t found their way to the black diamonds to those expert skiers who make the sport look easy as they fly down the most difficult trails of all, your Sunriver vacation is guaranteed to be exciting and memorable! We’ve put together a guide and Sunriver activities calendar aimed towards those intermediate skiers looking for a great experience—check it out below!

Mountain Stats and your Sunriver Activities Calendar

Offering 101 runs and 11 lifts, the statistics of Mt. Bachelor are pretty evenly spread out in terms of trail difficulty: 15% easy, 35% intermediate, 30% difficult, and a whopping 20% extreme. Today we’re going to focus on the largest demographic of our Sunriver Pines guests, the intermediate skiers!

As you probably already know, each trail has a symbol that tells you the difficulty level; beginners and novices should stick to the green circles, intermediates can tackle the blue squares, and the more expert skiers head to the black diamonds and the double black diamonds. There are enough intermediate trails available that you could probably ski every day for a week and never have the same experience twice!

Because a warm up run is always recommended, the simpler trails like Old Skyliner and the Canyons are the best to start with, but once your muscles are warmed up and ready to go your options are endless! Ed’s Garden, Outback Express, Downunder—all these trails will give you long stretches of fun and are challenging enough to keep you interested without be intimidating to those who just aren’t ready to move on to the tough stuff!

For those who haven’t skied in awhile and are wanting to brush up on their skills, or for those who are ready to move up to the next levels but aren’t quite sure they can handle it, adult ski lessons are offered at Mt. Bachelor for skiers of all experience levels. And if you haven’t brought your own equipment, you can rent whatever you need right there on the mountain. You can also save a few bucks and rent from one of the many stores in the Sunriver and Bend skiing area.

Après Ski

Après ski is for EVERYONE, and these places offer the perfect spots to wind down as you warm up with your favorite cocktails! After a day hitting the blue squares, warmth and relaxation should be the first things on your mind, and the Twisted River Tavern in Sunriver has just the beverage to loosen tight muscles as it warms you from the inside out! Take an old school choice and update it this 2020 as you sample the spicy goodness of a Hot Apple Ginger Toddy, made with apple cider, lemon, ginger, & Bulleit whiskey! Feeling hungry but not willing to start dinner this early? Anything on their appetizer menu will take off the edge! Looking for something a little extra when celebrating the end of a successful day on the slopes? The Astro Lounge in nearby Bend has been a local tradition for well over a decade, and their award-winning cocktails always hit the spot. Sip an All-Nighter made with pomegranate vodka, passion fruit juice, mango juice, pomegranate juice, and a float of Mate, and feel the heat rise to your cheeks! Their tacos are created to please, and their pulled pork sliders are guaranteed to fill all the empty spaces in your stomach.

Winter Wonderland

Sunriver in the winter is a magical wonderland that just makes us happy to wake up to every day, but what if not all your family members are into skiing? They could stay home and enjoy all the comforts provided in our Sunriver Pines cozy winter rentals, but chances are they want to get outside and play as well! Snowy days make the perfect time to conduct a competitive, laugh-filled, impromptu snowball fight, and all you have to do is step outside the door to begin! But when seeking something a little more planned out, you can purchase a sled from any of our local department stores and head to the Wanoga Snow Play Area Sno-Park and spend the day reliving some of your best childhood experiences—sledding to the bottom of what seemed to be the highest peak in the area, then picking up your circle of plastic and trudging through the snow back to the summit for a repeat performance over and over and over again! These simple moments were your favorites growing up, and your Sunriver getaway allows your children to see what all the fuss was about!

After Spending a Day on the Slopes

It’s time to come home to your cozy and warm Sunriver Pines vacation rental to rest and recuperate! Thanks to our private hot tubs for soaking aching muscles and fireplaces in the living areas, life doesn’t get any better than this! Reserve your stay with us today.