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Ski Clothes, Ski Gear and Other Items for your Sunriver Ski Trip

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Packing for any vacation can be an anxiety-ridden experience, but packing for a ski trip can be crippling; there is nothing worse than arriving on the slopes only to realize you forgot your tinted goggles and the reflection off the snow is blinding! Fortunately, this isn’t your first rodeo, and you’ve learned that when you book with Sunriver Pines, you get more than an incredible place to stay. We want to make our guests comfortable and happy, so we provide tips and guides to ensure your vacation in Oregon is as perfect as it can be. Here’s our guide to the ski gear you should bring for your Sunriver ski trip.

Ski Essentials

Sunriver and Mt. Bachelor can be a tad frigid in the winter, so warm clothing is essential! Long johns, heavy sweaters, ski pants, and down jackets are just the start. Wool socks to stave away frost bite, gloves to keep the hands warm, and hats to keep the heat from escaping will keep you warm and cozy throughout the day. Your Sunriver Pines vacation rental may have a washer and dryer on site, so you can pack light, but you can expect to go through many pairs of socks and underwear during your stay!

Protect Your Eyes

We’ve mentioned it once, but it bears repeating: The sun reflecting off the snow can blind sensitive eyes, so tinted UV protected goggles should be at the top of your packing list! Sunglasses work as well, but be sure to bring a strap that keeps them attached to your head, as one good fall could cause them to disappear forever! For prescription glasses wearers, if skiing is your obsession, it may be worth looking into a pair of prescription goggles such as the ones professional athletes often wear!

Ski Clothes and Suits

Today’s ski clothes are a far cry from the thick and dumpy ones that were popular when your parents were young. Stylish and imbued with the latest technology that allows you to stay warm and dry without adding too much extra bulk, you’ll be happy when you see how dry your underclothing remains, no matter how many spills you take.

Ski Locks

No matter how much you love to ski, your day on the slopes will be punctuated with bathroom breaks, snack stops, and of course, the all-important lunch break; do you really want to drag your ski gear around with you everywhere you go? Ski racks are provided for you to leave your skis during those moments, and a ski lock allow you to go about your business without worrying about theft!

Stay Hydrated

You’ll exert a lot of energy and perspiration on the slopes, and because hydration is important, carrying a hydration pack with you allows you to keep flying without stopping every hour or so for a drink of water. It’s handiness also ensures that you drink lots of water, instead of stopping for hot chocolate or alcohol throughout the day; those beverages are great for après ski but do nothing for hydration!

Now That You’re Completely Packed

It’s time to relax and start anticipating the joys that lie ahead of you—including your stay in one of our comfortable and cozy Sunriver Pines vacation escapes. Reserve yours today!