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The Best of Sunriver Skiing

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With the onset of winter begins the winter sports season for all of us in Central Oregon. We love being outside as much as possible, and a winter day spent sliding down the slopes is our idea of a really good time! If you’re visiting in the winter, chances are you have at least some intentions of skiing in Oregon ! Our Mount Bachelor slopes are tentatively scheduled to open on November 25th. How soon after can you get here?

Mt. Bachelor Ski Area, 13000 SW Century Drive in Bend

The Mt. Bachelor ski area came from humble beginnings, opening on December 19, 1958 with a single lift and a rope tow. Today, nearly 60 years later, it is the pinnacle of Sunriver skiing.  As one of the largest ski resorts in the United States, Mt. Bachelor offers over 3,700 acres of lift accessible skiing and snowboarding terrain, 88 runs, and a season that lasts from Thanksgiving till May most years. The low east area of Mt. Bachelor is a wilderness area that has limited cell service and is about 25 minutes away from the nearest ski lift, so if you like the wild side, please be safe and ski with a buddy.

Ski Classes

Not everyone has had the opportunity to spend their winter months skiing and snowboarding, so we offer classes for people of all ages and skills; private lessons, group lessons, beginning lessons for adults or refresher courses for kids—there’s something for everyone! We also rent all the equipment needed for a day on the slopes, so you won’t need to worry about finding room in your suitcase for your snowboard! Costs vary for the different classes and equipment, so make sure you visit the Mt. Bachelor web site for all your Sunriver skiing and snowboarding needs prior to your visit.

More Than Just Skiing

A day on the slopes is guaranteed to make you hungry, and fortunately you won’t have to wait until you are done skiing to fill up your internal tank! The Mt. Bachelor Ski Area offers a variety of dining spots on all corners of the mountain. Starting with Eagan’s Outpost area, this food truck is a new addition to the mountain cuisine and offers European food choices that include Kolaches. The Sunrise Grill at Sunrise Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy second breakfast, our most favorite meal of the day! Serving breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos, it is their lunch treat that makes us go back time after time; nothing tastes better than the Sunrise Grill’s hot and spicy order of Chili Fries on the coldest days of the year! Scapalo’s Bistro at the Pine Marten Lodge is where you find many locals when it comes time for lunch, serving hearty sandwiches and tasty beers to fill all the empty spaces in your stomach.

When your path takes you to the West Village, you may find your thoughts turning to après ski. If this is the case and the timing is right, a visit to Clearing Rock Bar will treat you to all the beverages designed to warm chilled bodies from the inside out! The beers are tasty, the company is scintillating, and the views from this mountain perch are breathtaking. Be sure to take some time to discover all Clearing Rock has to offer!

Après Ski

Once you come down off the mountain, there are plenty more places in the area that offer après ski experiences, starting with the River Pig Saloon! Located inside the old box factory at 555 NW Arizona Avenue #40, this cool bar with a whimsical name has been a Bend tradition almost since opening day. As a matter of fact, the only possible thing missing from the après ski experience here is a warm and roaring fire, but don’t worry about staying cold; the beverages served in the River Pig are guaranteed to warm you from the inside out! And because we love to give our guests choices, another popular spot to wind down from a day on Mt. Bachelor has to be the 10 Barrel Brewing Company, also found in Bend. Beer is sacred in this area of the Northwest, and this popular brewing company has the skills! Located at 62950 NE 18TH Street, 10 Barrel Brewing Company offers 20 taps and an extensive pub menu and should be moved to the top of your après ski bucket list!

Why Ski Oregon?

While it is true that not everyone understands the thrill of speeding down the slopes, with the snow white, cold, and brilliant beneath you, and the skies blue and clear above you, we think that if you try it just once, you will be hooked for life. Riding the chair lifts high above the various trails, watching the skiers in their colorful garb below you, slipping off the lift and casually skiing to the beginning of the trail, then quickly sliding down the slopes—it’s not just a sport that strengthens your muscles; skiing or snowboarding can be a life altering experience that everyone should try at least once.

Sunriver Pines

And finally, there’s nothing better after a long day spent skiing in Oregon than spending your nights in one of our luxury Sunriver Pines vacation rentals, soaking aching muscles in a hot tub and sleeping comfortably in our high end beds. Book your vacation rental today, and ski Oregon with us tomorrow!